White Displays 5-Star Skills

Friday night Sooners Illustrated attended the Fort Worth Dunbar vs. Molina game to check out Darius White. Not only was SI at the game but there was also a pair of visitors that grabbed everyone's attention.

While SI was arriving at the game it noticed two gentlemen getting out of their car in the parking lot. They were wearing OU polo shirts and black slacks, it was Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and wide receiver coach Jay Norvell.

Both looked ready to see 5-star wide receiver Darius White.

When looking at White he appears to be every bit the size he is listed at, 6-foot-4 and 195-pounds. White didn't seem to pay attention to the fact Coach Stoops and Norvell were standing on the side lines watching as he seemed to just want to focus on the game but you could tell White knew Stoops and Norvell were there.

With about five minutes left in the first quarter White still hadn't touch the ball. That was about to change as Dunbar's offense took the field at their own 40-yard line.

With Dunbar's offense having trouble moving the ball they decided to run a WR screen play to White. White took a step back and caught the ball and started down the sidelines, Molina's defense pursued it well and cut him off. White's vision kicked in as he looked right and saw the defense over pursuing. He cut all the way across the grain to the right side of the field with Dominique Sanders as a lead blocker and outran the defense for the 60-yard touchdown.

He made it look so easy.

After the touchdown I looked back at Coach Stoops and Coach Norvell and saw Coach Norvell smiling and shaking his head like ‘wow'. The two coaches stood up, waived at White's family and the crowd as they walked down the stairs to get on a golf cart to go to their car. When White looked back he saw Coach Stoops and Norvell were smiling and clapping basically saying that's all we needed to see. With four minutes left in the first quarter Coach Stoops and Coach Norvell left the game.

Later on in the second quarter Dunbar's offense had driven to the Molina 20-yard line. White was matched up in one-on-one coverage with a corner that didn't stand a chance. White took a few steps towards the corner and put a nice inside move on him, which the corner bit on. White cut back (slant-fade route) and beat the corner for the touchdown. White strolled into the end zone with the corner trailing about three-yards behind. Like I said the corner had no chance.

White did more than just score touchdowns for Dunbar. He also displayed his blocking skills in the run game. On one play the Dunbar quarterback was under center and lifted his leg for White to go in motion down the line. The play was a sweep to White's side of the field. The OLB for Molina had no idea White was coming towards him to deliver a crack back block and ran right into the block, which knocked him off his feet. He had to be helped off the field by the trainers.

White also displayed nice blocking down field, getting his hands on the corners and safeties and driving his feet to move the defender right out of the play. He did this numerous times as Dunbar runs more than they throw.

Not only is White an outstanding receiver but he also excels at kick returning and punt returning. He didn't get the chance to return a kick in the game but he was able to return a couple of punts. On one of the punt returns he picked up off the ground and blew by the defenders coming down field. White came up on a defender quickly who crossed White's face as he "hit the breaks" on the defender. The defender however, extended his left arm as he flew by and knocked the ball out of White's hand. Dunbar was luckily able to recover.

Later on in the fourth quarter White blew by his defender on a go route and caught the deep pass from Dominique Sanders for the touchdown. He finished the night with three catches for 145 yards and three touchdowns. He also helped out with all the extra points, as he is the holder on field goal attempts.

After seeing White its hard to say if he is a good route runner as most of the night he was running go routes, screen plays or just taking two steps outside and looking back at the quarterback. Like I said Dunbar runs more than they throw. Dunbar also does not have the quarterback play to get the ball to White on a consistent basis. White excelled at everything else. Blocking, catching the ball and destroying single coverage like no one was there to begin with. White displayed game breaking speed and showed that his ranking is well deserved.

In my opinion, with the talent that he possesses White should play as a true freshman on any BCS team in the country.

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