Gresham Status Undetermined

NORMAN, Okla. – The status of Jermaine Gresham's right knee remains up in the air. Coach Stoops said on Tuesday afternoon that he could be sidelined for only a couple of weeks, but he could miss the entire season. He is currently undergoing surgery and a definitive answer should be released at some point today.

The picture for Jermaine Gresham's has not yet become any clearer, but according to OU head coach Bob Stoops Sooner fans will not have to wait much longer to hear about the fate of their super star tight end.

"Jermaine Gresham, who did not even enter the game due to cartilage injury the week before, is going to have arthoroscopic surgery this afternoon," Stoops explained.

"It (the injury status) is yet to be determined because the MRI's doesn't show damage. The scope will be able to tell us whatever it is making his knee lock. When it locks it could be a loose body in there that can just be removed or maybe the cartilage needs to be stitched together."

"So until they know that we won't know. There is the possibility that something is just loose in there that needs to be removed and he can resume playing in a couple of weeks. Or if they have to stitch and repair the cartilage then that is a five-month recovery. So until they get in there and determine that the outcome will not be known until later this afternoon. Once we know we will have release on what they found, because again it is just speculation, because none of that shows through three different MRI's."

"But his long term health would be fine. It is nothing to do with the ligaments or anything else. It would just be stitching the cartilage back together."

When asked how often similar injuries end up being one or the other Stoops admitted that he did not know and that it could go either way.

"Our focus is moving forward with the guys we have," Stoops stated.

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