Q&A: Jimmy Stevens

Sooners Illustrated caught up with Jimmy Stevens this afternoon to talk about his kicking performance in Saturday's 13-14 loss to BYU. Find out what he had to say by clicking the link.

Jimmy Stevens Tress Way's long field goal attempt at the end of the game:
I thought he had a good chance. He was hitting the ball real well during pre-game. I was confident he was going to go out there and make it. He was kicking it 53 and 52's in warm ups, so I had a lot of confidence in him. He has got a lot bigger leg than me.

He talked about it. He said he did not hit it real clean and that he wished he could do it again. But what can you do.

Stevens talks about why OU has not had a game winning kick in a good amount of years:
It is weird. It is kind of because our offense is scoring a lot of point and not really putting us in that position.

On kicking inside Cowboy's stadium:
I did not feel like the ball was flying for me that well in that stadium, but I feel like I can hit the ball a little better outside than inside.

On how the players are handling the loss:
We are all confident. We lost, but it is not going to be the end for us. We are all pretty confident and looking forward to this week.

Stevens on making all of his kicks in the first game:
It was a real positive start for me. It definitely helped making all of those kicks in that game, more confidence to carry on throughout the year.

What does he attribute to his new found confidence and focus?
Really kind of working throughout camp with Tress and kind of competing also kind of gave me confidence and I was a little more focused this year too. That focus led to my confidence and I started making more kick in practice and I was really happy.

Last year I felt that I might not have been as focused during games or during practice. This year I feel a lot more focused and focus kinda leads to my confidence being a lot higher. We (kickers/punters) are kind of out there on our own basically and sometimes it is hard to stay focused when you are only called upon once and standing on the sidelines the whole game.

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