Hurst Sees Early Action

Demontre Hurst is a name that OU head coach Bob Stoops has mentioned on more than one occasion for his solid play throughout fall camp. Hurst made him look good by getting his OU career got off to a fast start, making two huge tackles on kick coverage.

After OU scored its first touchdown of the '09 season the kick coverage unit, who was much maligned after giving up four touchdowns a year ago, hustled out to defend BYU.

The first player to get down the field would be freshman cornerback Demontre Hurst, and he torpedoed the BYU ball carrier bringing him down shy of the 20-yard line.

"I was just excited to be on the field," Hurst said with a smile as he reminisced the play aloud. "(I) ran down there full speed and I had the opportunity to make a tackle and I just ran to him and hit him. I was really happy about that and I was real excited about that."

"I was surprised. I had a clear runway and I just made the tackle. I just feel great about that. I had fun though."

After the play Hurst was greeted by Coach Stoops, who congratulated him on the execution.

"Coach Stoops came to me and he was like ‘congratulations you just made your first big college hit," Hurst beamed. "I was just smiling the whole time. Everyone was patting me on the head and saying good job and everything."

"I was fortunate to make that play."

Stoops has repeatedly mentioned Hurst as player to watch, and he was quick to point that out in his press conference on Tuesday.

"On the kick-off team Demontre Hurst showed why we talked about him so much during the pre-season," Stoops confirmed.

Hurst was unaware that Stoops had been talking good about him to the press, but he is thankful that Stoops has taking a liking to him, especially since he works so closely with the defensive backfield.

"I wasn't aware, but I could see that he had the confidence in me cause he put me in a lot, coached me a lot, and was really on me," said Hurst. "So I could see that he knew I had the potential and he stayed on me and I guess that is why he was talking about me a lot."

"He is my position coach and I thank him for staying on me. It pushed me more and it pushed the other guys more to try to help each other out at the same time. So it is pretty cool."

Hurst came in to OU in a class that featured a number of highly rated defensive back prospects and he feels that hard work in the summer time has allowed him to see some early action over some of the other talents.

"I came in the summer time. I worked hard. I worked my butt off and everything. They seen the potential in me and had the confidence in me to say this guy is ready to play on the college level. I put most of my effort in that and I am just thankful they have confidence in me to see that I can play now."

"I guess I just found my way in that position and they just stuck with it and I guess I am getting some action now."

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