Prospect Report: Herbstreit Classic

While many were sitting back and enjoying a BBQ on Labor Day Alex King and Sooners Illustrated was out working the Herbstreit Classic. Here is our report on some of the prospects who starred.

Nathan Hughes (2011 DE Klein Oak)
Looking at Hughes you can see he is old school. He doesn't wear the gloves, the tape on his ankles, the arm bands or anything like that. He just looks old school. Hughes is a big kid that appears to be a legit 6-foot-5 and 240-pounds like he is listed, but he doesn't even look like he has begun to tap into his potential physically. When he gets to the next level and hits the weight room, look out! He does a good job keeping offensive lineman away from his body and looks strong. Hughes appeared to have a good burst off the line and was constantly dealing with double teams. He had quite a few tackles for loss and destroyed the quarterback on a screen-play that helped to stop the play from working. Hughes lets his play do the talking for him but you can see he has a mean streak in him, which was obvious when he blindsided an offensive lineman blocking downfield. The crowd had a nice "oooh" and "aaahh" about the hit. Along with the double teams, Hughes was constantly dealing with hands to his facemask as the lineman did whatever they could to keep him out of the backfield. That just seemed to make Hughes work even harder. Hughes was the best defensive player at the tournament during the games I saw. I bet it's not much longer until Oklahoma and Texas come knocking at his door with offers.

Johnny Haynes (2011 WR Irving Macarthur)
It was hard to get a good hold on Haynes during the game due to the quarterback and O-line play on his team. There were plays if the quarterback would have seen him it would have been an easy score on a few corner-post routes. Haynes scored the only touchdown of the game for Irving Mac on an out route he took 50 yards to the house. When Irving Macarthur needed a big play in the passing game it was Haynes they turned too. He doesn't appear to have blazing speed but I could not get a good grasp of his speed either, as he never got the chance to flip the switch. He does appear to be the right size for a slot receiver at about 5-foot-11 and around 190-pounds is my guess and he looks strong enough to get off of physical defensive backs. Haynes is a guy to keep an eye on. He had a good camp at OU this summer and a strong season could put him in the game for a Sooner offer.

James Sims (2010 RB Irving Macarthur)
In my opinion, Sims should have had more carries in the game. When he had the ball in his hands he seemed to make plays. He is not a blazer but the Kansas commitment has decent speed and seemed to run well between the tackles. He appeared to be bigger than what he is listed and looks pretty thick. It was Haynes and Sims that were the offensive weapons for MacArthur but neither one of them touched the ball enough, which helped Colleyville Heritage secure the 28-6 victory. Overall, Sims appears to be a decent running back that will fit in well in the Kansas backfield and offensive scheme.

Max Stevenson (2011 WR Klein Oak)
Stevenson really didn't seem to do much in this game which may not be fair considering his quarterback didn't seem to look his way much. I couldn't help but think of the mismatches he could cause in the red-zone. With his size at receiver he kind of reminded me of John Standeford that played at Purdue a couple of years back. The routes he ran were that of a TE which was how Klein Oaks uses him. There were also times when he lined up next to the tackle with his hand on the ground. He was running go routes from the slot, drag routes across the middle and quick 5-yard out routes. I'm not sure if he has the toughness to be a blocking TE at the next level but I could see him playing TE that lines up at the slot. I can't give a grade on his speed as he was never in the open field. Stevenson could be a guy to keep an eye on to see if he is taken as a receiver or a TE project.

Tevin Williams (2011 RB Trinity)
Williams had the best offensive performance of the day running for 210-yards on 22 carries and had three touchdowns. I wasn't in attendance for this game but wished I would have been to see his performance. I caught some of it on TV. Williams appears to have a robotic running style that makes it look like he is not running full speed. But as you watch you will see that Williams is running past the defenders with no problem. He also compliments his speed well with having good vision. I will definitely be getting out to see Trinity soon to see more of Williams to give a better breakdown. From what I have seen of him so far this year and a little last year, he is another talented running back in the state of Texas for the class of 2011.

Luke Muncie (2010 LB Klein Oak)
When Klein Oak came out onto the field one of the first players that caught my eye was Muncie, who is an LSU commitment. Muncie seemed to struggle in this game as he couldn't get off blocks of the bigger OL from Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks. Muncie was sent on blitzes repeatedly but never seemed to get to the quarterback.

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