The Comeback

Ryan Reynolds's play in the middle of the defense was sorely missed after he went down with his third ACL injury early in the second half of the '08 Texas game. After rehabilitation he was able to battle his way back and re-earn his starting job at MLB on the OU defense.

After three different ACL surgeries many people wouldn't have thought that Oklahoma middle linebacker Ryan Reynolds would back out on the field making plays.

But Saturday night he was doing just that and doing it well.

Reynolds said that it felt great to be back out there and his body responded in a positive way.

"It was good," confirmed Reynolds. "I actually felt better than I even imagined that I would out there. Everything felt great as far as my knee and my hamstring. I just ended up playing disciplined and making some plays."

Against BYU Reynolds racked up 10 tackles, a tackle for a loss, a quarterback sack, and an interception, which he was able to return for 22 yards.

"I have not ran with the ball in five years, probably," Reynolds said with a laugh when asked about the return. "I didn't know what I was doing. I got the ball and blacked out."

Despite his come back and rock solid performance Reynolds still wishes he and the defense could revisit the BYU 16-play TD drive that would give the Cougars the command of the game.

"We didn't make some plays when we needed to towards the end of the game on that 16-play drive, a lot of that came down to some of our assignments."

Reynolds hopes to get stronger and faster throughout the course of the season.

"I think better and better," Reynolds stated when asked how he thinks he will start to feel as the season unrolls. "Even Monday and Tuesday of this week I felt better than I did last week. I think that is going to continue to happen as the season goes along as long as I don't get injured again."

"I am hoping that my knees are bionic enough now that they don't get hurt again. We will see what happens."

The Las Vegas native gives credit to his upbringing and OU Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables for his ability to keep coming back despite what seems to be annual thing with his knee injuries.

"Just my drive, it was just how I was raised to not quit and keep going," Reynolds responded when asked why he keep going.

"He (Venables) has pushed me since my first ACL. He was always on my back about getting treatment, getting rehab, and working hard. He has been a huge influence on how I have been able to come back."

Still he knows that there will be fans and members of the media who will always doubt his abilities. He will rely on his play to silence those critics.

"They have reason to," admitted Reynolds. "I have been hurt. I have had three knee surgeries."

"Just hopefully I can play this year with out getting hurt and prove some people wrong."

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