Five Questions: OU vs. Idaho State

A look at five questions that may be answered after Saturday's match-up between Oklahoma and Idaho State.

1. Can the team get back on track?

There is really no danger that OU is in danger of tripping up against Idaho State, but it would be nice to see the team respond in a proper manner.

After losing to BYU the team should be fired up, and that should mean that they cone out wanting to lay a spanking down.

The last time OU lost its season opener, 2005, they came out and pulled off a 31-15 victory over Tulsa. I would expect a score like that this weekend will not silence any of the critics.

The last time OU loss back-to-back regular season games was back '99 (Notre Dame, Texas).

So will they be able to back on track and put up the type of game we would expect?

2. Will we learn anything from a match-up with Idaho State?

Let's face it, even if OU answers question number one and comes out to roll the mighty Bengals 77-0 we still may not know a whole lot about the state of this team.

There is no threat of an Appalachian State/Michigan theme occurring on Saturday night in Norman, because Idaho State is just not good. They were a meager 1-11 in '08.

However with everything that has happened we can still look at this game and decide if the team is getting better, especially from an execution standpoint.

If we watch a team come out and have five more procedure penalties in the first half then it would not seem that a lesson was learned at all from the loss at the hands of BYU last weekend.

3. How will the offensive line respond?

We just addressed the penalties. But after a week of being downgraded in the media and being blamed for the loss, the entire unit is likely coming in to this one with a chip on their shoulder.

"It is shocking," Williams said when asked about the penalties. "I just hated that we could not get it fixed. I felt like we made the same mistakes over and over, and we can't win like that."

"We continued to make the same mistakes and we got beat."

4. Is Gerald McCoy the best defensive tackle in college football?

McCoy came in to OU as one of the best in America out of high school. He dominated in the US Army All-American Game and he has not looked back.

His first year laying he did not put up huge numbers, but he established himself as a force in the middle of the OU defense.

Last year he not only plugged the middle, but he also started to exert himself as a player that could make plays behind the line, making him a serious candidate to bolt early for the NFL to earn millions of dollars.

He spurned that opportunity to come back to OU and develop his game while helping lead a great defensive unit on to a title run.

"He is the vocal guy out there on our defense," Ryan Reynolds said. "He is definitely the leader of our defense, in my opinion."

The title run may be out the window, but the decision to come back could still pay off.

If he continues to play the way he did against BYU then he will end up being the best college defensive tackle when the dust settles, just exactly like he was coming out of HS.

5. Who steps up as the playmaker?

The odds are that it will be DeMarco Murray. He looked much better against BYU then he did in the season opener a year ago against UT Chattanooga.

Still the jury is out. It could be a number of other guys.

Chris Brown could have a huge game?

Ryan Broyles may get in the mix?

How about Brandon Caleb?

DeJuan Miller anyone?

Landry Jones?

You get the picture. It could be anyone. But it needs to be someone. Who is the go to guy? Who will end up being the one striking fear in the heart of the opposing defensive coordinators?

Stay tuned…

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