Hughes Looking for Major Offers

SI is continuing to bring you coverage of recruiting for 2010 but this time we bring you an interview with 2011 DE Nathan Hughes out of Klein Oak High School in Klein, Texas. Hughes is an intriguing looking prospect that talked about wanting to receive an offer from the Sooners.

While SI attended the Kirk Herbstreit Classic at the new Cowboys Stadium last Monday we were able to get a look at 2011 DE Nathan Hughes.

Even though Hughes's team didn't fair well with one of the top teams in the country in Notre Dame High School of Sherman Oaks, California, Hughes was able to put on a good showing.

The loss put a damper on the experience but Hughes talked about what it was like playing at the new stadium.

"That was amazing," Hughes began. "I've been to a lot of college football games and I know that college games have a lot more people but Cowboys stadium was amazing. The screen was awesome and huge. Even though we got shut down it was still an experience of a life time that I know I'm never going to forget. It was a fun experience."

When Klein Oak took the field that night Hughes was easily spotted out of a crowd due to he was the tallest player on the team. He dominated in the loss and showed with his size and strength that he is tough to stop even if he has lost a little weight since the season kicked off.

"Right now I'm 6-foot-6 and 245-pounds. I was at 250 but I've lost some weight since the season started."

A few teams have taken notice of the big defensive end and rewarded him with an official offer but Hughes would like to see a few more offers roll in soon.

"Oklahoma State and Arkansas," Hughes said about his official offers at the moment.

"My top three right now is Texas, Oklahoma and LSU. I would like to get offers from those three."

At the moment OU has not actually spoken with Hughes, but that doesn't mean he's not familiar with the Sooners.

As a matter of fact, Klein Oak Head Coach David Smith coached three years at the University of Oklahoma for Barry Switzer and Gary Gibbs.

"My head coach of my football team coached there and our linebackers coach from last year played there so I'm familiar with Oklahoma," Hughes explained. "I haven't really talked with anybody from Oklahoma. I've only received letters from them."

Hughes talked about what it is about the Sooners that is drawing his interest.

"They are in the Big 12 and they are one of the best teams every year," Hughes said. "I want to go to a school that every year has a chance to play for the national championship. Oklahoma played for the national championship last year and they are just a power house school. The schools that I like are all power houses and that's the kind of school that I plan on going to."

Due to family members of Hughes attending a certain school south of the Red River, Hughes naturally grew up a fan of the Longhorns.

"My family went to Texas and I was always a fan of them. It's the Big 12 and I've always watched the Big 12 and been a fan of them."

Speaking of Texas, Hughes also visited them last weekend and attended their home game vs Louisiana Monroe.

He may have went to see OU take on BYU instead, but a mishap happened with the tickets that were sent to him.

"I went to the Texas game and went on a visit there last weekend and those were the only ticket invites that I had," Hughes stated. "And then when I looked in the mail when I got back I also got tickets for the Oklahoma vs. BYU game, but I didn't get the letter in time, so I didn't really know about it. I want to try go get to an Oklahoma game this year."

The deciding factor for Hughes, who states he is a Big 12 guy, will be determined by a relationship with the coaching staffs at the schools.

"Definitely coaches," Hughes began about what his deciding factor will be. "I mean I'm going to spend four years at the school and I want to make sure the coaches are someone that I can look up to and talk to that are good people that I want to be surrounded by. Just someone that whenever I meet them that I know it's going to be good."

Hughes wrapped up the interview talking about his strengths on the football field.

"My strengths are definitely my awareness. I'm looking for the ball but at the same time I'm doing my technique and doing what I am supposed to do. My strength has always been my speed because I have always been a fast guy."

"This year has been a little different for me because I got faster and I put on about 35 pounds of muscle. I worked out three times a day for about two in a half months. Last year I was 6-foot-5 and I weighed 210-pounds and after the season was over I knew I needed to hit the weight room. It's just something that has helped me out on the football field which is my strength."

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