Q&A: Landry Jones

NORMAN, Okla. – Freshman QB Landry Jones has done a solid job so far filling in for the injured Sam Bradford. After falling short to BYU in the first game he helped the Sooner offense bounce back and accumulate over 500 yards in a 64-0 win over Idaho State.

Landry Jones on receivers outside of Ryan Broyles stepping up and making plays:

"If you come here you are obviously going to be a great player, so I have full confidence in every one of our receivers right now."

"We have a lot of guys out here that can play football, so I kinda have confidence in all of them right now. Whoever is open I am going to throw it to them."

If it is important for another receiver to step up and fill Jermaine Gresham's shoes as a deep threat to take the pressure off of Broyles:

"I don't know if it is that important. We will always have guys to step up. I am just going to go through my reading progressions. Obviously if Ryan is going to be covered up I am not going to throw it to Ryan. If another guy is open I have confidence that he is going to go out there ands catch the ball."

On Cameron Kenney and how he is starting to grasp the offense:

Obviously it is hard to come in and learn the offense in such a short time, like he did coming from where he was at. He is going to keep working everyday and obviously get better every day and learn more of the offense and get more of a feel for it.

Grading his Idaho State performance:

"I kind of would have split it up. First half I would have gave myself a good grade, second half I would have gave myself a lower grade."

"First half I took care of the ball really good made smart decisions, took my check downs. Second half I kinda forced one in to a guy, where obviously I shouldn't have. I should have checked it down and let a guy go make a play for me."

On the importance of checking down to a running back when needed:

"You can always check it down to C.B. (Chris Brown) or DeMarco (Murray) and they are going to go out there and make a play for you. On Saturday the ball was a little wet, so if I did not feel comfortable, like the ball was a little too wet or something like that, if I was not for sure, for sure about the ball I would check it down. It is great to have one of those guys down there to dump it off to."

Would Jones like to have Gresham out there to pull down his passes?

"I would love t have Jermaine out there! He is just an animal. He is a big target and you can put the ball anywhere and he is just going to box people out. When you are missing a guy like Jermaine Gresham, who is going to be a first round draft pick, it is a big thing to miss him…"

"But we have Trent Ratterree, we got Brody Eldridge, James Hanna, I think they create some mismatches too, so I think we will be good."

Would the involvement of the TE in the offense open even more things up for the receivers?

"We are going to try to get the tight ends more involved. Getting Brody some catches and getting James and Trent some catches out there. Just kind of opening it up and giving us more weapons."

At what point did he feel he started to earn his teammates trust that he could lead this team when called on?

"Just the way I worked hard throughout the summer. We stayed here in the summer and did our workouts, seven-on-seven I got some snaps with the ones and I thought I performed well there."

On how he prepared heading in to the opening game of the season:

"I kind of went in there with he mind set that if something does happen that I would go in there and prepare like I am the starter. Lucky enough for me I went in there and prepared like I was the starter, unfortunately Sam got hurt and obviously no one wants that, but I felt like I went in there and played the way I was capable to play, but obvioulsy not good enough to win."

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