Scouting Report: Walsh Displays Talents

Friday night Sooners Illustrated was on tap at the Denton Guyer vs Saginaw game to check out 2011 QB J.W. Walsh. Not only did we get to see Walsh but also were able to see 2010 five-star defensive tackle Taylor Bible who is committed to the Texas Longhorns. Check inside to see how they fared.

This past Friday I attended the Denton Guyer vs Saginaw game on a night that was filled with rain. With the rain coming down the way it was 2011 QB J.W. Walsh was handing the ball off most of the night.

Guyer runs the zone-read offense and Walsh leads it nicely. Walsh had two long touchdown runs of 26 and 58 yards where he displayed good speed. On the 58-yarder Walsh took the snap and seeded the ball in the running backs stomach while he anticipated giving the ball or taking it himself. He didn't have to wait long as the O-line made a huge hole in the B-gap on the right side that Walsh hit at full speed. Once he got in the open field the secondary didn't have a chance as Walsh hit the sideline and raced to the end zone.

Walsh's quarterbacks coach, Coach Vallejo has told me before that Walsh has been clocked in the 4.5's consistently. He showed it out running the secondary on the two impressive runs.

Walsh also looked good throwing the ball down the field finding the open receivers quickly and delivering the ball before the receiver got out of his breaks. On top of the two touchdown runs, Walsh also had a 33-yard touchdown pass to Connor Crane in the fourth quarter on a go route that was too easy. Walsh hit Crane in perfect stride.

Overall, Walsh is an impressive dual threat quarterback that can beat you through the air or on the ground. He finished the night going 8 of 10 passing for 125 yards and 1 td with 141-yards rushing on 9 carries and 2 more touchdowns. Walsh has good speed for a quarterback that could give the defenses fits at the next level. Walsh displayed good mechanics and was accurate for most of the night even though the conditions weren't the best.

Walsh has had a great start to the season with Denton Guyer starting out 3-0. So far statistically Walsh has done damage to the opposing defenses going 37-52 (72%) for 561-yards and five touchdowns. Walsh has not thrown an interception in his last 11 games which is extremely impressive with him being a junior. On the ground he has rushed for 315-yards on just 29 carries with four touchdowns.

Walsh has the skills to be a game changing quarterback at the next level with the talent he possesses. In addition to the ability he displayed Walsh was also displaying his leadership skills. Walsh was a vocal leader on the field Friday night encouraging his teammates throughout the entire game. Before every kickoff Walsh was seen pumping up the kickoff team and talking with the defenses encouraging them to get out there and make a stop.

In my opinion Walsh has everything that that a coach could want in a quarterback at the next level. Walsh can run, he is accurate, has a good arm (not a cannon but better than the average quarterback) and most of all he is a leader.

Enemy Report: 2010 DT Taylor Bible

Watching Bible play you can see that he has the ability to be a game changing defensive tackle. In the first half Bible was seen in the Saginaw backfield from time to time wreaking havoc.

On one play the quarterback was in the shotgun with his running back to his left. He handed the ball off but had no idea Bible was closing in and fast. Bible launched forward and hit the running back jarring the ball loose and Guyer recovered. That was Bible's best play of the night.

Right before halftime I started noticing that Bible had his hands on his hips after almost every play and looked winded. I came to the realization that he's not very well conditioned. After halftime I don't remember hearing his name announced.

Bible is a legit 6-foot-1 to 6-foot-2 it appears and he looks thick probably bigger than he is listed at 285. Now don't get me wrong he has the potential to dominate when he wants to it appears. With the frame he possesses if he learns the proper technique to stay low it could be easy for him to get leverage on a taller offensive lineman and drive him 5 yards backwards. It just seemed like on a lot of plays that night he was too high and just wasn't doing everything he could to make a play.

Either way he was letting smaller lineman keep him out of the backfield all night and just really didn't impress me as much as I expected. Bible appeared to struggle that night with double teams which was surprising. Maybe I just saw him on a bad night but now I have seen two Longhorn commits between Bible and 5-star DE Reggie Wilson and came away more impressed with Wilson by far.

Another thing I realized was that seeing 4-star DT Daniel Noble earlier this year with his all out play and never ending motor impressed me more than Bible did Friday night. And Noble plays in a 3-4 not a 4-3 like Bible.

Now it's just a sit back and wait to see who will have a bigger impact at the next level.

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