The 'Stache'

NORMAN, Okla. -- A lot of players have their quirky superstitions. Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones has his infamous moustache...

One of the most notable players that had a major superstition was former major league baseball player Wade Boggs.

Boggs ate poultry, fielded exactly 150 balls, entered the batting cage at 5:17 p.m. and began his pregame run at 7:17 p.m. before every single game.

And that's just one of a ton of famous players that have had superstitions throughout the days.

Bringing it back to both a more local and current case, OU redshirt freshman quarterback Landry Jones, the recent replacement for injured junior Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford, has sported a moustache, and he's undefeated so far as a starter with it.

Is the moustache a form of superstition?

It could be.

So, Landry shouldn't shave it as long as the Sooners keep winning with him as the starting quarterback with his ‘stache', right?

He thinks so.

"Right, yeah," Jones said.

And the man snapping the ball to him agrees.

"I mean if he wants to rock it, he can, I guess," said freshman center Ben Habern. "I'll give him a thumbs up because he's playing good right now. "[But if he plays bad], he might need to take it off. I'm a superstitious guy. If we keep winning with it, then that's fine with me."

Jones, who was 18-for-32 with 286 yards and three touchdowns, along with an interception, in his first career start for the Sooners, has been forced to hear the comments about his moustache ever since he came in for the injured Bradford against BYU.

This week, though, a lot of the players, as well as the fans, have been giving him an extra hard time about it.

Who gives him the most dirt?

"Brody [Eldridge] kind of gives me a hard time," Jones said. "He always calls me Doc Holliday or something like that. A lot of people give me a hard time [and] tell me I need to shave."

Another player that heckles him is Bradford, but Jones said even the Heisman winner won't influence him on his decision whether or not to sport the moustache.

"Yeah, Sam gives me a hard time about it, but no, I'm going to keep it," Jones said.

What do the coaches think?

Well, for one thing, OU head coach Bob Stoops animatedly said he isn't planning on growing a similar moustache anytime soon.

"No, I'm not growing one," Stoops said. "Anyway, no, that's probably been a decent distraction for everybody, but [it's] not a big deal."

Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson even complimented Jones on the ‘stache.

"It's better than mine," Wilson jokingly said.

Regardless of the outside opinions, every player has an identity.

"I mean, it's different, but that's his style," Habern said.

If winning with a moustache is his style, maybe he should keep it.

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