Stoops Not Speculating on Bradford Return

When Brigham Young defender Coleby Clawson surged through the left side of the OU offensive line and crushed quarterback Sam Bradford to the ground, all of Sooner faithful's hearts stopped beating for a second.

As Bradford lay on the field grimacing in pain, the Sooners' season took a serious blow.

And OU couldn't quite get over the hump to win the game without him, despite leading all the way until the three minute mark in the fourth quarter.

So immediately after the game, the questions started surfacing.

How serious was the AC sprain in his right shoulder?

Would Bradford be out for the entire season, or would he come back sometime during the season?

If he could come back, how long would he be out?

Just a couple days after the Sooners' heartbreaking loss to BYU, OU head coach Bob Stoops provided some kind of answer.

"Everyone's different in how they heal, the soreness, how they handle it and how quickly it dissipates where he can move and be comfortable again throwing the ball," Stoops said. "Anywhere from two to four weeks is what we're anticipating."

This Saturday marks two weeks, so it begs the question: Will Bradford return?

And Stoops answered it with an explicit two letter word.

"No," Stoops quickly said this week. "Seriously, come on now, you guys knew that."

In fact, he didn't even want to weigh the options on when the return might be.

"I'm not even going to go there because then everybody brings out everybody's speculation," Stoops said. "And then, you know, it's just not worth doing [that] at least for me anyway. It may be for you."

It certainly is for Sooner Nation.

But still Stoops didn't want to get in on the guesswork.

"We're not going to speculate," Stoops said. "Everybody then gets running away with ‘This is when it'll be' and ‘That'll be when it'll be,' and ‘I've got the scoop' and ‘I don't.' It's just not worth it. We're going to wait until he's comfortable with it, and once we know, then we'll say something. We'll see when that is. I'm not going to even speculate on when that will be, so [is that] fair enough?

In the meantime, the Sooners will continue about their business with redshirt freshman Landry Jones at quarterback and Bradford continuing to be a leader from the sidelines.

[Sam's] just a great team guy," Stoops said. "You know, I know he's given Landry a lot of support, and his fire and his spirit is still there with the team, and his presence is still around practice every day and in the locker room, and he does all that he can, and he's awfully good at it."

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