OU in the Rotation for Jackson

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated continues as we bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Recently, we talked with one of Texas' finest junior defensive linemen, Desmond Jackson from Spring Westfield High School.

It seem like plenty of good is going on for Spring (TX) Westfield defensive tackle Desmond Jackson. So good that the 6-foot-1, 276-pound Jackson told Sooners Illustrated that everything going on for the moment could not even be explained in words.

"Wow, this year has been so awesome. Ever since spring ball this team has gotten better and we are coming together," Jackson said of the 2-0 start from his team. "We are doing well and I am just really at a loss of words."

So while that seems to be moving in the right direction, individually the talented junior has seen some success as well. With the September 1 mark behind him, Jackson has received a fair share of good news by mail.

"I got written offers from Houston, Oklahoma, Stanford, Arkansas, and Texas A&M," Jackson said. "I was speechless when all of this came in. I knew that I was going to get some things, but never knew it would be like this. It's amazing how this recruiting works."

And it is likely to only get better.

Before long, many more schools will likely step up and make one of the Scout.com four-star juniors an offer. So now that there is obvious interest, where does Jackson plan to visit in the near future?

According to him, anywhere.

"I want to let it be known that if anybody wants me to come and check out their games to just let me know," Jackson said. "I'm open to all schools and I want to get out to as many programs as I am able to."

For the moment, he did not state where he would go initially as he will release where he will go on a week-by-week basis. And that will likely predicate on where his season games are and on what days.

But some schools have already seen Jackson on campus.

"I was in Norman (Oklahoma) this past off-season and I was blown away," Jackson said. "The atmosphere was right and even though I was not part of the team, I felt like they treated me like family. The facilities, stadium and coaching was great."

On the recruiting end, assistant coach Jackie Shipp is who is talking to Jackson and so far the two have hit it off well.

"We have not talked in a little while, but I know that we spoke a lot when I was in Norman," Jackson said. "He (Shipp) is a real coach and I could say that he a ‘father figure' type coach. If I were to go to Oklahoma, I feel that he would lead me on the right path as a student-athlete."

So far this season in the two wins, Jackson has seven tackles (two for loss) and a sack.

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