Walsh Impressed by Landry Jones

SI brings you an interview with 2011 QB JW Walsh out of Denton Guyer High school in Denton, Texas. Walsh talks about Landry Jones, recruiting, and gives a little prediction for the rest of his season.

Last Friday night Denton Guyer won a wet and sloppy game vs Saginaw winning 35-8. J.W. Walsh had an impressive all around game and lead his team to victory.

The victory didn't come without a few mistakes however.

"It feels great to get the win," Walsh began. "There were a lot of mistakes out there but if feels good to make mistakes and still get the win. There are a lot of things to fix."

Earlier this season Walsh was able to attend the Oklahoma vs BYU game at the new Cowboys stadium. Even though the Sooners lost Walsh says it was still a lot of fun.

"It was a great experience even though they lost. The atmosphere was great. Everything about OU is great just the camaraderie and the emotion it was great. I had a lot of fun."

Quite a few fans came away from the loss impressed with how Landry Jones stepped in after Heisman trophy winner Sam Bradford went down with an injury. You can count Walsh in with the rest that were impressed as well.

"Landry came in there and he proved he could play a little bit," Walsh said. "It's tough to get thrown into the mix and not be ready for it. But getting thrown in there like that, I thought he did a good job."

Walsh talked about his relationship so far with OU Quarterback Coach Josh Heupel.

"We email each other quite a bit. It's just small talk but we have a good relationship."

The game versus BYU most likely won't be the last game Walsh will see of the Sooners this season.

"I'll probably go to a Norman game," Walsh stated. "That will probably be more exciting to actually be there where everything is at. And then try to go to a few games here and there."

For Walsh being a leader just comes natural but also is easier when the team is a tight knit group.

"It's easy we're all just great friends," Walsh explained. "If you tell them to do something they will follow. If they ask me to do something for them I'll do it. We are all just a tight nit group. We love each other so it's easy to lead them."

Walsh didn't want to give a prediction for the rest of the season but once he started to talk he just couldn't help it.

"I can't give you a prediction but I can tell you what I want. To be in the State Championship, I can predict that we will be there. We will be in the game."

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