In-Depth with Darius White

Friday night Sooners Illustrated attended the FW Dunbar vs Dallas Roosevelt game at Clark Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas that Dunbar won 49-6. Afterwards we caught up with 2010 5-star WR Darius White to talk about the win and the recruiting scene.

The past couple of year's the Sooners have missed out on top wide receiver targets like Reuben Randle (LSU), Julio Jones (Alabama), Terry Hawthorne (Illinois), and Jheranie Boyd (North Carolina).

That's an issue Sooner fans hope ends if they can land 2010 five-star wide receiver Darius White, who is one of the most sought after recruits in the country.

The talent White possesses could make an immediate impact in the Sooners offense.

Friday night Dunbar won the game running the ball with no problem. However, White was still not happy with their overall performance.

"It was a win but it was an ugly win," White said. "We still have a lot of stuff to work on. We came out pretty slow in the first half and tried to kick it up in the second half. It's an ugly win but it's a win so now we got to go back Monday and work hard."

Like usual White had to deal with being double and triple teamed throughout the night but that's not something White isn't used to.

"That's something that is always going to happen," White began. "Coach always tells me to get ready for the triple team and double teams. If they triple team or double team me then they still got a whole other side of the field to worry about it."

"And you see we dominated on the other side of the ball. And we ran the ball and pounded it. The other team is just talking noise but I don't have anything to say if they are triple teaming me then they are leaving other players open so that's good on our part."

With White being taken out of them game on the offensive side of the ball he decided to take over on special teams.

White took an 82-yard kickoff return to the house showing everyone in attendance the speed, vision, and moves he possesses.

When White received the ball he started off up the middle following the wedge but once he looked left he saw the opening. There was one defender that had a chance to make the play on White but White hit the L1 button as if he was playing PS3 and side stepped the defender easily. The rest was just speed all the way to the end zone after White cut across the grain and went down the left sideline blowing past defenders with ease.

In the open field White makes moves so quickly that defenders usually don't have a chance to make the tackle, unless they are able to slow him up and gang tackle him.

White talked about playing special teams at the next level.

"If I could I would like to (play special teams). I like to do kick return and punt return but if I don't then I'll just stick to receiver."

At this point White is still keeping things close to the vest when it comes to recruiting. That is due to him focusing on his senior year.

"I'm still looking right now," White said when asked if he had any favorites at this time.

"I've been on it but I really haven't been on it because I am still worried about the season right now. I'm trying to get this season together because it's my senior year and I'm trying to do something big for my season. I'm still going to talk recruiting but I have laid back a little bit. I just talk to my mom about it a little bit."

When it comes to visits White says he has to sit down with his head coach (Coach Lawson) to figure out where he would like to visit.

"At this point not in my head right now because I am supposed to talk to Coach Lawson about some visits," White answered about having any visits scheduled. "But I haven't narrowed it down to where I want to take a visit at or anything yet."

Coach Jay Norvell is handling White's recruitment and he has put quite the impression on White. An impression that seems other coaches from different teams have not been able to match.

"Coach Norvell and I are real cool," White explained. "He is a good coach, seems like he really cares about me and seems like he is going to be there for me. He is just a good coach and I'm looking forward to either playing with him or playing with someone else. I just wish all the other coaches were the same way."

When asked about his interest in the Sooners White wouldn't elaborate much but had this to say.

"I like the Oklahoma Sooners," White said nodding his head. "I like them."

When it comes to mom, White says she still likes the Sooners as well.

"She still likes the Oklahoma Sooners but she just wants what's best for me," White said.

2010 four-star safety Rashod Favors is White's cousin and is committed to the Sooners which is something some wonder may help the Sooners land White. If that is true it's an idea that White is not trying to give off.

"That's my boy," White began. "If he committed to the Oklahoma Sooners that's good for him, we still got to go on and we still got to play. If we play against each other then we play against each other. If we play on the same team then we play on the same team."

A couple weeks back White had some visitors show up at his game vs Molina. Coach Bob Stoops and Coach Jay Norvell didn't stay long after seeing White reverse field on a screen play and go 60-yards to pay dirt. It was obviously all the coaches needed to see.

"It was good," White stated. "I scored a touchdown and they just looked at me and nodded their heads and they were gone."

White finished the night with three-catches for 41 yards and an 82-yard kickoff return to the house.

One of the best plays White made all night was a downfield block on a long touchdown run that if White didn't make the block the defender would have been able to make the play.

Dominating on special teams and blocking down field, it appears White already has the angles covered for getting on the field as a true freshman wherever he goes.

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