The ‘Clay-Maker'

Sooner commitment Brennan Clay had a tremendous time in Norman this weekend on his official visit. Sooners Illustrated caught up with him to get all of the details…

It is fair to say that Brennan Clay, a 5-foot-11, 190-pound running back from Scripps Ranch High in San Diego (Cali.) had a blast on his official visit to Oklahoma this weekend.

As a matter of fact when pressed he had a hard time picking out just one part of the official trip as his favorite.

"There are almost too many to even name," Clay admitted when asked about the trip's highlights.

"I think the main highlight for myself was getting accustomed to their life. I just absolutely loved the slow pace, the quiet living. Everyone was patient. I don't think I even saw anybody speeding. In San Diego you will see 10 people drive by going 85 when the speed limit is 65. Everyone was just so, so nice and so giving and so caring."

"And everyone loves the game of football out there!"

Before and during the game Clay had the chance to catch up with fellow Sooner commit Bronson Irwin, who gave him a lesson on some of the game day traditions.

"Him and I started talking on Facebook," Clay started.

"We got along very well. He kind of explained the whole National Anthem. I was kind of trippin when everybody said the ‘Home of the Sooners', I got a kick out of that."

Clay says that he was the only recruit in on an official visit this weekend and because of that he was shown plenty of attention.

"Some guys came in, but no one else was on an official. Being shown that much love from the fans, the coaches, and people I don‘t even know was just insane, and honestly it kind of blew my mind."

"I had a great time down there and I can honestly say I did not want to go back home."

He was also surprised that so many of the OU fans knew his name and were following his recruitment. A number of them carried signs that had Clay's name on them and he definitely noticed.

"There were so many of them," Clay began. "One of them said ‘Uncle Sam says we want you' and it would have a name at the top and it would say ‘Brennan Clay'. Some other guy came up with some cliché that said ‘Clay-Maker'. It was so supportive and it made me feel just at home."

On the visit he was able to spend some time with OU's starting running back and a few of his future teammates.

"I hung out with Chris Brown for a little while last night, and we got to chop it up," said Clay. "Also Jonathon Miller and Jermie Calhoun. They are all great guys, great individuals. I got to learn a little bit from just getting to know them and I honestly can't wait to get back out there and become part of the team.

"JMillz was my host. We went out to dinner and he is a great guy. I also had Javon Harris as well as my host. Both of those guys were great guys and they hang with me the whole night. Him and JMillz are great guys. I had a blast."

Coming in to the visit Clay admitted there was a chance he could take a couple of other official visits down the road, but after returning from the OU trip it seems very likely that will not be happening.

"Honestly I thought about it (taking visits) if this trip was not all that I expected or even better, which it was better. But it definitely solidified my answer and I am 100 percent to OU and I am not looking anywhere else."

He also had a parting shot for the OU faithful.

"Just let them all know they had me sold. Believe me it is open and shut. The Boomer Sooner, it just gave me chills. That part right there was probably the highlight. It was absolutely amazing!"

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