Bradford Starts to Throw

NORMAN, Okla. -- With a bye week the news is expected to be slow surrounding OU, but talk of Sam Bradford's comeback can now begin with the news that he has started to throw the ball.

The Sooners do not have a game this weekend, but there is a big one looming in the distance when the Sooners get the chance to square off against Miami, returning to the city where they lost the National Championship game.

Many fans have hoped that returning Heisman trophy winning quarterback Sam Bradford could return in time to lead the team on to the field against the currently undefeated Hurricanes.

In order to play at all he has to be able to throw the ball. And according to QB fill-in Landry Jones Bradford started working in on some drills.

"He was in there doing our quarterback drills today, so he was able to get out there a little more," confirmed Jones, who set an OU record by tossing six touchdowns one week ago against Tulsa.

"I didn't really see him all out extend, but I saw him throw some little five or 10 yard passes," added WR Ryan Broyles.

Bradford was not available for media and there were no indications about how much pain he has or how far away he is from seeing the field.

"We're not going to read anything in to it," OU Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson stated. "We'll see how it plays out."

But Broyles was still encouraged to see Bradford out there.

"It was promising, you know," Broyles remarked.

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