Playmaker Landry mail box already full

Recruiting coverage at Sooners Illustrated is still going as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today we talked recruiting with a hot junior wide receiver Jarvis Landry from Lutcher, Louisiana.

Coming into the 2009 season, Lutcher (LA) wide receiver Jarvis Landry had some idea that he would be an athlete who would be recruited by a few schools. But after the boatload of mail he got after September 1, even he had a look of amazement.

"I can't really say right now. I lost track after about 10," Landry said of his written college offers. "I haven't really even checked to see where things are right now. I have a counselor at the school who keeps track of everything."

Good thing for him as there will be an onslaught of schools trying to get in on the talented playmaker. Schools he could think of off the top of his head were Mississippi State, LSU, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Auburn, UCLA and Louisiana Tech

Whether on offense or defense, the 6-foot-1, 190-pound Landry will make it happen. Last season, Landry had 60 catches for 1,256 yards and 16 touchdowns. He also had five touchdowns rushing. 

True enough, wide receiver is his primary spot. But as of late, Landry has had to make most of his noise on defense.

"I have been averaging about 5-to-6 catches and a touchdown a game, but I play some defense too," Landry said. "On defense I have been doing my thing because I am getting shut down on offense. Every game, I am double and triple-teamed so I am not able to get the ball. It's OK though, we are 3-0 right now."

And for the moment, that is the main goal at hand, getting to another state championship. Landry said that last season Lutcher won the title for the class 3A division. Now, the team has moved up to 4A and they are still having a good deal of success.

"We moved up from last year and now we are 4A. We won state last year in 3A," Landry said. "In 4A, we are No. 1 in the state and No. 64 in the nation. That is what I am focusing on right now, getting back to the state game."

Even though that is Landry's focus, that has not stopped a number of colleges from trying to get his services for the year after next.

One of the many schools in hot pursuit is the 2008 Big 12 champions Oklahoma program. At the time of the interview, he had not had much conversation with the coaching staff.

But he did know a fare about the program and the school itself.

"I've watched Oklahoma for a couple of years now. I like how the Sooners get their playmakers the ball," Landry said. "You know getting the guys who make plays the ball in space. I can relate to that and for me that will be a big part in recruiting. When I start making visits, I want to be able to sit down with the recruiting coordinator and see how they plan to get the players the ball."

Speaking of visits, apparently Landry has already taken in Oklahoma. Somewhat.

"This past summer while I was on vacation and we stopped by Norman, OK," Landry said. "It wasn't like a visit or anything because I didn't stop by the coaches office or anything like that. I just took a quick look at the school.

"I remember that it was big and beautiful."

Landry and the Lutcher team are 3-0 and will play again this Friday.

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