Stoops: Press Conference Notes

NORMAN, Okla. -- It is a bye week, but there are still some issues to address and OU head coach Bob Stoops' held his weekly teleconference to do just that.

Opening Statement:
"Reviewing last week's game with Tulsa it was pleasing to play, for the most part, well throughout the game. That leads us to this week with the bye week, to really focus on every area of what we're doing, to get it sharper, to get better execution and to get extra work for Miami coming up."

On Sam Bradford's injury status:
"I'm not going to detail day-to-day, I'm a little disappointed that our players had so much to say. It's not that we're trying to be coy, I just don't want Sam to have to deal with everyone's expectations. It's just not fair. The bottom line is it will be day-to-day as he improves. I am sure as he goes forward they will give him more and more to do as the days come. We will just see how he handles it, again, it's too early to speculate and I'm not going to get into the speculation. Once he is comfortable and ready to play I will have something to say and until then I'm not going to deal with it."

On practice during the off week:
"We will treat it like a normal week where Tuesday and Wednesday are more physical days and we will go against each other a little bit longer than we normally do. We will still get the extra work we need before going down to Miami."

On Ryan Broyles' performance:
"It's been really exciting. It's just the big plays he continues to come up with, his yards after catch and his ability to get open and make big plays. He has been very competitive. Truthfully, I think he was even a little disappointed in the first game. We felt that he wasn't as competitive as he normally is and he really has been in the last couple of weeks. He is capable of being a big-time player every week if he will maintain his level of intensity and concentration."

On the success at quarterback during Stoops' career:
"Fortunately we have recruited those types of guys. They are competitive, don't want anything handed to them, don't expect you to give them anything and want to earn their way. It's our formula for the most part, when you look at our track record it's pretty strong. It starts from day one with Mike Leach, and then with Chuck Long coming in and passing along so much to Josh (Heupel) in technique and footwork and those types of thing. I think fundamentally we are awfully strong at that position too."

On Jeremy Beal:
"Because of his strength and explosiveness in his legs and his hips, I think it really benefits him getting around the corner, pressuring, getting around blocks. He is a really powerful guy for his size. He works hard mentally, he's tough, he's physical. He's everything you want."

On Adrian Taylor:
"Adrian has been very active and very good at holding his position, creating plays, getting some penetration. He has been solid, but he was solid a year ago too. He continues to play, he gets overshadowed a little just because of how special Gerald (McCoy) is, but he is a good player."

On Mike Balogun:
"Disappointed in what they have ruled so far, I think there is still one more step to go and we will just see where that is. We will continue to proceed in the way we have in the last few weeks."

On Ronnell Lewis:
"Ronnell showed up on our special teams a bunch the other night. I keep saying, he's a very explosive and fast guy that we're really excited about. Every week he gets more confident and sure of what he is doing, so it's positive."

On the offensive players supporting the QBs:
"I think in the end it's how you're supported. I don't care who is in there. If Sam is in there and guys aren't open, or you're getting pressured, or you can't run the football, then he's not going to look good either. In the end it's the execution of the offense that allows him to be successful. We need to keep improving, it can still be better than the other day. That's what we will push for to hopefully make some strong strides this week and next week."

On the receivers' drops against Tulsa:
"I think as much of anything it's experience. They're pressing too much, they're making it too difficult. I said that in the locker room, I said 'hey just relax, follow the ball, play ball like you do in the street.' They make too much of it, they need to be natural and catch the dang thing and make a play."

On Brandon Caleb:
"He is just a competitive guy, it's really pleasing to see him come forward and making more and more plays. That's just his nature, he is a very tough and hard-playing guy that will continue to make more and more plays but again, hopefully they will continue. I expect him to continue to be that kind of guy."

On Miami:
"They look awfully good, I just see good play. They have quality players, excellent schemes and guys playing hard. You see that when you see good teams. When you're playing well it's easy to have that."

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