Shaw Planning Trip to Norman

Recruiting coverage at Sooners Illustrated continues as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Here is an update on one of California's top defensive backs Joshua Shaw.

So far Palmdale (CA) athlete Joshua Shaw is enjoying his recruitment. He has multiple offers from schools across the country and has already taken in the sights of two official visits. Ohio State and Florida are the places he has seen already.

More recently Shaw took in the Gator program and spoke of that experience.

"This past weekend was great. I could tell that I was well wanted there," Shaw said. "The good thing is my mom and dad went there with me. That helped them to know that it was not just an offer from a school, but the program really wanted me."

While the 6-foot-2, 185-pound Shaw makes his rounds across the country on the weekends, during the week, preferably on Fridays, Shaw is busy making opposing coaches nervous every time he hits the field.

And according to him, that is nearly every second of the game.

"I play quarterback and cornerback, but I'm also the punter, punt returner and return kickoffs," Shaw said. "I've been going hard. The only time I'm off the field is for PAT."

The team right now is 1-1 after a recent win over Kennedy. In that game Shaw said he "went wild" after carrying the ball three times for 100 yards, was 10-of-15 for 173 yards and a passing touchdown and had a punt returned for a touchdown.

But on the defensive side, Shaw is getting just a little irate. But it's clearly not his fault.

"I'm getting frustrated some on defense. I must be well-respected as a cornerback," Shaw said. "I have not had any passes thrown my way, none. That's crazy. But I do have a couple of big hits when I come up on run support."

And that is the primary position that many of the schools recruiting him want him to do on Saturday s next season. 

So now it's two down and three to go as Shaw looks to take all of those official visits. Notre Dame and Michigan are said to get a visit, plus a powerhouse program in the Big 12 as well.

"Oh 100 percent, most definitely," Shaw said when asked if Oklahoma would get an official visit from him. "I just talked to coach (Bobby Jack) Wright yesterday. I need to call him back and get everything finalized. I am looking to make it the weekend of the Texas A&M game. It's just hard to get everything together because most Oklahoma games are televised and there is not a set time when the games are going to be until the week of."

From the tone of the conversation, it seemed as though Shaw was excited about the trip to Norman. Not only is he looking forward to seeing good football, there is a chance a familiar face will be present with him.

"I'm looking forward to going down there with my boy Kenny Stills," Shaw said. "I'm excited and who wouldn't be, this is Oklahoma. The team is winners, proven winners. Oh yes, I am looking forward to seeing what it is like being a part of something like that."

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