RECRUITING: XLK ready to tip his hand?

The latest on Duncaville, Texas defensive tackle Xavier Lawson-Kennedy after his final visit to OSU


JH: How did your visit to OSU go this weekend?

XLK: "It was a great visit and I really liked it. I had a good time up there and enjoyed myself. I had a chance to hang out with a couple of friends that go there and it was great to catch up with them."

JH: Had you planned to go to OSU all along or was that a little bit of a surprise?

XLK: "I also considered going to Miami, but they screwed up my travel plans so I just decided to go to OSU instead. They kept in contact with me and when things fell through at Miami it was an easy trip to make."

JH: Does OSU have a legitimate chance to sign you after your visit?

XLK: "Yeah... I guess all the schools I visited have a chance to sign me. I am going to sit down with my parents this week and start hashing everything out. I will probably meet with all the coaches one more time. We have a lot of things to think through and we just need to lock ourselves in and come up with the best decision for me."

JH: Do you have a leader right now?

XLK: "No, I don't think so. Like I said, I am still considering all five schools right now."

JH: The general thought is that you have always had OU and Texas A&M at the top of your list. Is that thinking totally wrong?

XLK: "It depends on how you look at it. I really do like those programs a lot, but not enough over the other schools as I am talking to you today to say that they are leaders. Sure, I could go to both schools, but I am not ready to lay down the law and say one of those schools is my chosen school. Right now I can't say that I am leaning anywhere."

JH: Then what is the main thing that you personally are going to be looking for in a school?

XLK: "The most important thing for me is how I feel I can fit in with the players and how I can fit in with my living environment in college. I want to go to somewhere where I feel comfortable and then how I feel comfortable with the coaches. I realize coaches can leave and they might leave while I am there, so I can't base my decision totally on the coaches at a particular school, but they are part of the living environment and people that I will have to deal with throughout my career. I just want to make sure I am comfortable with a particular school and can have a good time at that school."

JH: Would an example be your visit with Tommie Harris at OU when you had such a good time?

XLK: "Yes, that would be a perfect example because I had a great time hanging out with Tommie at OU. OU has a great bunch of guys to live with and that is a positive in their favor."

Xavier Lawson-Kennedy

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