Monday's Recruitng Notes

News and notes from Monday on Tulsa wide receiver Robert Meachem and the Louisiana defensive line duo

The Sooners batted 500 Monday night in New Orleans, Louisiana as at least one of the top prized defensive linemen out of John Curtis High School will visit this weekend.

Carnell Stewart, the defensive end who visited OSU this past weekend, will keep to his promise and visit Norman this weekend. However, his teammate, defensive tackle Ryan Watson says he is tired of recruiting and he will not visit Norman as promised.

Early on, it looked like these two would go to school together, but as the recruiting process has continued it looks more and more like they will sign with different schools.

Stewart is a 280-pounder, who is quick enough to play defensive end at OU. OU wants to add a thicker DE to the roster and Stewart is the player that they would love to have.

And the saga of Tulsa Washington wide receiver Robert Meachem wasn't at basketball practice this afternoon after visiting Norman this weekend. His high school basketball coach -- Nate Harris -- wasn't sure if he was tired from visiting OU or still recruiting. Harris had already given Meachem Monday off from practice, but Coach Harris thought that was so Meachem could rest.

Meachem left OU telling them he didn't not feel he was going to visit LSU, but my instincts are telling me if he didn't make it back to his beloved basketball team on Monday then he probably did visit LSU. However, I can't confirm this in any way, because Meachem no longer has a phone. OU told him they didn't care if he visited LSU or not.

Thus, I will keep checking this out. But to be honest it doesn't matter anyway because Meachem is going to be a Sooner whether he visited LSU or not.

Meachem has also said he may visit Tennessee on the 31st, but that visit now looks in doubt.

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