Bradford's Status Still Up in the Air

NORMAN, Okla. -- As midweek rolls around, there's still no word on the status of whether or not last year's Heisman Trophy winner, OU quarterback Sam Bradford, will command the Sooner offense when they take the field at Miami on Saturday at 7 p.m.

But one thing's for sure: The Sooners aren't holding out on the information to deceive the Hurricanes.

"No, [that's not the case] because I don't see that [it matters]," said OU head coach Bob Stoops. "They've watched us the last two weeks without Sam, and in the end, we're not a different offense.

Can Bradford make better reads than backup and replacement, redshirt freshman quarterback Landry Jones?

Surely, but Stoops said since the overall offensive scheme hasn't changed since Jones replaced Bradford following a third degree AC sprain in his right shoulder in the season opener against BYU, there's no advantage to holding out on who will be the starter.

"I think you have an advantage of whether a guy plays or not if you've got a different style of offense with one guy, and then if you bring in somebody else, you're a totally different style of player," Stoops said. "So in the end, [though], I don't see that being a big deal. So, no, that's not something that really I'm worried about trying to hide.

In fact, Stoops would like to present the college football community with the information immediately but said it's just not possible.

"I'd love to give you an answer so I don't have to answer it the entire week," Stoops said. "But it's too early to give the answer just because it's still too early in the week, and I'm not able to give the answer just because until we see what Sam's capable of throughout the week. Is he able to make all the throws? Is he able to do it without too much soreness? How does he react in that state?"

Those are the types of things the training staff and coaches are still working on figuring out in order to determine Bradford's status, one that could ultimately become a game time decision.

Perhaps the one real positive sign for Sooner fans is the fact that Bradford has so far avoided anything that could possible slow his course of recovery.

"I will say to this point, everything that he has thrown last week and this week as we have progressed, he has handled well," Stoops said. "He has not had any setbacks, and you know, so that's positive in that he has [progressed well]. Everything that to this point that he has been going through and has done he has handled in a positive way, and he has made daily progress, so that part is encouraging and positive."

As for the number of reps, Stoops wouldn't comment about the percentages between Bradford and Jones.

"I'm not going to detail the number of snaps for each of them," Stoops said. "They're each getting enough to where we feel comfortable they'll be ready to play. You know, to sit here and say, ‘He got, you know, 70 percent of them. He got 30,' you know, I'm not going to get into that, but we snap the ball enough from now to Saturday that we'll feel good whoever's back there."

OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson echoed those thoughts.

"You know, I think Josh [Heupel] will manage those guys as he needs to with reps and what they can [do]," Wilson said.

Whether it's Bradford's long awaited return by Sooner nation or Jones commanding the offense again, Sooner nation will find out soon enough.

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