Oklahoma O-Line commits stand strong…together

At Sooners Illustrated, we look to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on Sooner football. Today we talked with Tyrus Thompson from Pflugerville, Texas talking about the boys in the trenches.

While the talk amongst plenty of Oklahoma fans across the internet has been how the offesnive line has progressed, the guys in the fold are already a couple of steps ahead of the curve. 

But don't let us tell it. 

"Me and the other O-Line commits (Tyrus Thompson, Adam Shead, Austin Woods) have been talking about when we want to visit. We all want to go down there the same time," Mustang offensive lineman Bronson Irwin said in an earlier interview. "We text quite a bit and I caught up with some of them at the BYU game. The good thing is that we are already a tight knit group so that is a plus."

Irwin and Woods have already discussed the possibility of becoming roommates when they report. Also, it has been decided on when the group will commence to Norman, OK

"That's the O-line man. We text and talk on FaceBook all the time," Thompson said. "We (Oklahoma offensive line commits) are all going to Oklahoma for the Baylor game. We are all going to hang out with each other and it's going to be good. This will help so we can get that chemistry Sooner than later."

So October 10 is the weekend the guys will make their way down. For the guys, building that foundation is important for the success of the Sooner program. But with the current team making line changes, looking for the fit that will work best. 

For the 6-foot-5.5, 295-pound Thompson, the only game he has seen live was the BYU match up. But he has been keeping tabs with his squad via television. 

He has made several observations over the past weeks.

"Our (Oklahoma) offensive line is getting better each week. I know that coach (James) Patton is doing a good job getting the line together," Thompson said. "It will take time, but before the season is done, the line will be great and giving either Landry Jones or Sam Bradford the time they need to throw."

Speaking of time to throw, pass blocking was one of the main areas of Thompson's game that he was to improve going into his senior year. And while he feels good about how his game has improved, one of his future coaches came down to have a look for himself.

He had this to report.

"I just got off the phone with coach Patton. Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright had come down to see me play recently," Thompson said. "He (Wright) told Patton that my pass-blocking skills had gotten better and my run blocking too. He said he would like to see me be a little more aggressive, but overall I played well. 

"I feel like my feet are getting much better. I'm making it to the second level better and getting to the linebackers. It's becoming more natural for me."

Thompson spoke a little about the Sooners upcoming game against Miami.

"I think this will be a big game for the team," Thompson said. "It will be tough, but we will play well and win."

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