Broyles Out 2-4 Weeks

NORMAN, Okla. -- The initial speculation was that Ryan Broyles could be out for as many as six weeks, but the news was better than that as Bob Stoops says he may be back sooner.

It was initially thought that Ryan Broyles could be out for six weeks, but today Bob Stoops stated in his Big 12 Media Teleconference that he could potentially return to action in two weeks, which is the best case scenario.

"They have identified a light or some type of fracture that is in his shoulder blade or scapula," Stoops informed.

"Their best estimate is somewhere between two-four weeks before he can return to play."

Broyles has been by far the best receiver on Sooner squad in '09 by hauling in 23 receptions for 346 yards and seven scores.

All of the other receivers combines have only been able to manage four TD's throughout the course of the non-conference play.

Note: Nonsurgical treatment with a simple sling works for most fractures of the scapula. The immobilization device holds your shoulder in place while the bone heals. Your doctor may want you to start early range-of-motion exercises within the first week after the injury. Other fractures may need 2 to 4 weeks of immobilization.

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