What's the latest with Roy Finch?

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is still going as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today, we spoke with running back Roy Finch from Niceville High School in Florida. Here is the latest update.

In late June, Niceville (FL) running back Roy Finch decided that Oklahoma was going to be the place where he would attend school next fall. 

But for now, the Niceville team is 5-0 and celebrating a big 42-28 win over rival Pace here recently. That, along with Finch's 18 birthday last week, things has been all good.

"Yeah, everything is going well. We are undefeated and I had a pretty big game against Pace," Finch said. "I had 150 all-purpose yards and scored four touchdowns. Three touchdowns were on the ground and the other was on a 25-yard bubble screen."

Back when 5-foot-8, 171-pound Finch made the call to the Sooner coaches, he had a little over 20 offers including programs like Florida State, Georgia, USF, North Carolina, and Stanford. But just because the commitment has taken place that has not stopped several programs from seeing if there is a chance.

But, that has not made Finch waver any at all

"Yes schools have been contacting me. Tennessee, Mississippi State, Georgia and South Carolina, and a few other SEC schools," Finch said. "I tell them all that I am sold on my commitment, but I appreciate the interest."

But how sold is Finch. There has been some internet chatter that Finch was looking to stop by a few other places, one in particular.

That one place is the west Coast program Stanford.

"It's not a rumor, that is the truth. My parents want to go out there with me and see the campus," Finch said. "It's really just a campus visit and we have not set the date on when we are going to go. I have not even talked the coaches yet. I will wait until the season is over before we look to do this."

Before all of the will take place, he will have gone to Norman to check out his future home. According to Finch, it is Oklahoma assistant coach Cale Gundy who he keeps in contact with the most.

The connection between the two is strong and the expectations are high.

"Oh yeah, I just got off the phone with him (coach Gundy). We talk at least every week," Finch said. "He has been checking in with me to see how I am doing. The plans that they (Sooner coaches) have for me is to contribute early. Some in the backfield, but mostly in the slot and doing special teams with kickoff and punt returns."

Finch has already set up his official visit and will watch the Sooners take on Texas A&M on November 14.

In talks with several Oklahoma commits, it seems as though this 2010 class is a close group. In fact, Finch has linked up with one recruit in particular. And while getting to know your teammates is important, it's equally important to try and choose your teammates.

"I try to keep up with Brennan Clay. I read online and see how his season is going," Finch said. "He and I play the same position so we'll be spending a lot of time together when we get to school."

And as for the Sooner targets…

"I want to try and get Darius White to come to Oklahoma. I have been talking to him on FaceBook," Finch said. "I tell him about OU and how he could come in and make an early impact."

While this is all good, where does Finch stand in his commitment?

"My commitment is solid. I am going to Oklahoma," Finch said. "I'm not going anywhere else."

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