Wednesday's Recruiting Notes

The latest on Robert Meachem, Xavier Lawson-Kennedy, Tashard Choice, Ryan Schuler and Ian Cunningham

Wide receiver Robert Meachem, of Tulsa Booker T. Washington High School, is currently on his trip to Tennessee, but that is only window dressing in the college football recruiting scene.

Meachem has not committed on his visits to OU or LSU, and he probably won't say much after he visits Tennessee. However, that doesn't mean that all signs are still not pointing to him signing with OU.

Meachem has a support group of friends and adults who make up his family. First is his mom, who he loves dearly and will go to great lengths to make her happy. Second, is the Bright family (remember Rocky?) who run the Tulsa Boys and Girls Club in Tulsa where Meachem has grown up. Among the Tulsa boys who have become Meachem's best friends are current Sooners Renaldo Works and Ebi Ere, who talk to Meachem almost daily.

Meachem has told each one of these parties that he is going to sign with OU. His mom wants him to go to college close to home and her favorite school is OU and that is where she wants Meachem to go.

Meachem is very close to all of his friends and to his teammates at Booker T. That is why Meachem hates to do interviews, because he doesn't want to talk about himself, he wants to talk about his teammates. However, all the questions are usually about him.

Meachem will not leave his mom, close friends and former teammates. He will go to a college where all can easily watch him play and that is OU. OU has always been his favorite school anyway.

OU has also promised him if he wants he can play both football and basketball. While everybody concerned realizes this is a very tough double, OU has promised him if he wants to try it that is OK with all concerned.

Meachem has taken visits to UCLA, LSU and Tennessee just to see different parts of the country. It's his one opportunity in his young life to see some different sites. However, he doesn't really appear to have any interest in signing with those schools.

This all adds up to Meachem signing with OU on signing day. And once again, I am 99 percent sure that Meachem is going to sign with OU, which is the highest percentage I give to a player who hasn't verbaled publicly.


Lovejoy, Ga. running back Tashard Choice and his mother seemed to be having a great time on their visit to Norman. Choice and his mom attended the OU women's basketball game and were escorted by OU running backs coach Cale Gundy and OU Head Coach Bob Stoops and his children Mackenzie, Issac and Drake.

Choice told this reporter that he loved OU up to this point and that he was looking forward to the rest of his visit. Choice is still planning on visiting Alabama this weekend.


The coaches in Norman and on the road met today in the OU office and by phone to discuss whether to offer offensive guard Ian Yates-Cunningham of Lewisville (Hebron HS), Texas and bring him in on a visit. At this point, the OU coaches are not sure they will bring him in but they are still discussing it.

The problem for the OU coaches is that they believe that Cunningham is a guard and not an offensive tackle in college and they want to sign one more tackle. But at the same time they realize that they don't have many options, so the question is do they really want to sign another lineman?

They also realize that he is committed to Virginia and that they would have to turn him to sign him. However, with his teammate Lewis Baker already coming to OU, the Sooners feel they would have a good shot.

We will know tomorrow if the Sooners will bring in Cunningham or not this weekend.


The father of Duncanville, Texas defensived tackle Xavier Lawson Kennedy's has indicated that his son's choice is down to OU and Texas A&M and OSU is not really in the picture. Mr. Kennedy says that his son is torn between the two schools and is having a tough time with his decision. OU has a real chance here, but right now it is to close to call.

And last but not least, it appears from all intents and purposes that the Sooners have lost out on their commitment from offensive tackle Ryan Schuler of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Schuler has been held up in his home and at his girlfriend's house for the last couple of days and he has not been heard from. However, his mom told Oklahoma today that the divine intervention of prayer has led them to Nebraska.

Oklahoma has tried to see Ryan since last Friday, but the mom has stopped OU as every turn. OU was already in South Dakota on Friday getting ready to visit when the mom called OU assistant Kevin Wilson and told him that she had to work so they had to cancel their visit. So, Wilson turned right around and went back to Norman. At that time Wilson reset the visit for tomorrow night, but the mom has told him that they are committed to Nebraska and that they don't want him to come up.

Since Friday OU has not talked to Ryan himself and they have not heard from Ryan. Ryan's High School coach has told OU that he feels OU is the best place for him and he has told Ryan that he should go to OU. However, this comes down to distance. Ryan's parents are divorced and mom doesn't want Ryan to go to far away from home and she has put the hammer down and Ryan will go to Nebraska.

From January on, OU has very little contact with Schuler because his mom has kept OU away. OU saw him briefly in early January in a hospital when Schuler was in for a blood-clot.

What is strange is that Schuler visited Iowa and Nebraska in the summer, camped at Colorado and came to OU last. And after looking at all of those schools committed to OU on his unofficial to OU. At that time he has looked at all his top schools and he chose OU. Also, the Schuler's said they had prayed for their decision and it was Oklahoma. Now, they say their prayers are leading them to Nebraska. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

OU has talked to the mom several times trying to get one last shot at him and it appears that mom isn't going to go for it.

This hurts the Sooners recruiting class a little, but it comes in a area where OU can take a hit. The Sooners other OT commit - Akim Millington - is still solid with OU. And in fact, he has been told about Shuler's switch and he has told the OU coaches not to worry that he would turn out to be an All-American OT.

If the Sooners can sign Mo Dampeer and XLK they won't try to find another OL. They are also going to sign Brandon Keith, knowing they will have to place him and then hope to get him back in two years.

If they don't sign Big Mo or XLK, then they might take a run at Anton Reed out of Plano, Texas who is a little known OL that the Sooners have discovered late. He is not being heavily recruited, but the Sooners have loved him on film, so he could be a real sleeper. However, the Sooners would have to come up empty for Big Mo and XLK to make that move.

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