Scouting Quentin Hayes and Trey Brown

This past weekend SI attended the Lancaster vs Mesquite Poteet game to check out 2010 OU S commitment Quentin Hayes and 2011 OU LB target Trey Brown. Here is a brief breakdown of how the two teammates faired in the game.

I was unable to get a fair breakdown of the type of players Hayes and Brown are due to the fact that Poteet is easily one of the worst teams in the state of Texas. Consistent three and outs due to snapping the ball over the quarterback's head, which was actually becoming comical.

So here is a brief breakdown from what I was able to see from Hayes and Brown during the game.

Quentin Hayes (2010 - S)
I couldn't begin to break down the kind of DB Hayes is in coverage due to Poteet threw the ball one time when Hayes was in. He lined up at corner, safety and running back, so he showed his versatility. Hayes had a couple of TD runs in the game and actually didn't look to bad running the football. While running the ball Hayes looked to be gliding while running past Poteet defenders.

Lancaster had their defensive backups playing in the third quarter, so Hayes got plenty of rest. The best defensive play for Hayes came on a pitch play where the RB broke a couple of tackles and turned down the sidelines when Hayes came in with a head of steam and threw his body into the RB's knee caps (was a nice collision). The RB for Poteet was bigger but Hayes brought him down which showed me Hayes isn't afraid to put his head in there and make a tackle. Only problem was the hit shook Hayes up and he took himself out of the game. Hayes may not be afraid to hit but needs to add some weight/mass to do so at the safety or the corner position at the next level.

Trey Brown (2011 - LB)
Watching Brown you will see that he has good speed for a linebacker. Problem is he is not as big as he is listed (6-foot-1 and 210-pounds). Brown is more like 5-foot-11 and 200-pounds. Now mind you he is a junior and still has plenty of time to grow.

Brown does a good job diagnosing the play quickly and when he gets going down hill with a head of steam you better look out because he will "bring the pain". One play the quarterback turned and pitched the ball to the right on a sweep play. Problem with that was Brown diagnosed the play quickly, blew by the lineman before he could get his hands on him, and shot in the backfield quickly destroying the running back for a loss on the play. It was Brown's most impressive play of the night.

A couple of times in the game Brown single handedly hurt Poteet's depth chart with his big hits and aggressiveness he plays with on each play. Brown's speed is his best attribute and he does a good job finding the football and putting his helmet on someone. However he needs to get bigger to play LB at the next level. Only problem is I talked with his father at the game who was not a big guy and was actually smaller than his son was already.

I couldn't tell you how Brown looked in pass coverage and dropping into zones cause like I said Poteet hardly threw the ball and only completed 1 pass for 10 yards. If Brown is done growing I could see him moving to safety at the next level that plays in the box ot possibly playing a similar position that Keenan Clayton plays at OU.

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