Thompson: "I'm 100 Percent Committed"

At Sooners Illustrated, we look to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on Sooner football. Today we talked with Tyrus Thompson from Pflugerville, Texas. Check out what he had to say.

Being able to catch up with future teammates is always a plus. But for Pflugerville offensive lineman Tyrus Thompson, it was a nice reunion. A good time to meet new players and a chance to build on the group he has bonded with for some time.

"It was pretty fun hanging out with future teammates. Of course it's always good to see the offensive line commits (Bronson Irwin, Adam Shead, Austin Woods)," Thompson said. "We are cool and still getting to know each other. And we added another guy this weekend (Daryl Williams). I had a feeling he was going to commit. He was saying that he was close for a long time.

"He and his family just needed to see it and experience it."

Now with this weekend behind him, 6-foot-5.5, 295-pound Thompson said that he feels much more comfortable with everything that has to do with Oklahoma. He was always solid, but had not taken in a game atmosphere like this before.

"We have some great fans who support Oklahoma no matter what," Thompson said. "I'm just happy to be a part of this."

During the game, Thompson said he kept a close eye on things like formations, protections and the tackle position. He kept his sights on Trent Williams for a good portion of the game.

"Trent was on the left, but the right I remember was a rotation," Thompson said. "I wanted to watch how Williams was playing because he will likely be a player who will be a first round pick. So it was good for me to see how he plays the position."

For the weekend, Oklahoma freshman Josh Aladenoye was chosen host. There were several events that the commits took in for the weekend, but hanging out at GK's place (Gerald McCoy) was a good time for Thompson and the other linemen.

With one more chance for the 2010 guys in the trenches, there is a camaraderie building between the guys. And it grows every time they get together

"We have great chemistry and it is getting better. You have to have that if you are going to play on the line together," Thompson said. "There is also talk about Adam (Shead) and I rooming together next fall. Bronson (Irwin) and Austin (Woods) are going to be up there early and I think they will be together."

Thompson said that this trip was great and solidified that he will be a Sooner. 

"There's no doubt about it, I'm 100 percent committed to Oklahoma," Thompson said.

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