RECRUITING: Decision coming soon for XLK?

Duncanville, Texas DT Xavier Lawson-Kennedy's father talks about OU's in-home visit on Thursday night

The saga of Duncanville, Texas defensive tackle Xavier Lawson-Kennedy continued Thursday night.

XLK meet with OU assistant coach Jackie Shipp, and all indications are they the Kennedy family met with OSU assistant coaches as well.

Without question, according to family members OU is very much in the hunt.

"This is still a very tough decision for Xavier and I am not sure which way he will go," said XLK's father, Victor Lawson-Kennedy. "We really enjoyed Coach Shipp tonight, but we always do. This is going to be Xavier's decision. I am only here to help him anyway I can.

"Xavier really likes Texas A&M, but I don't think any more and maybe not as much as OU," Kennedy continued. "He also has many friends who go to OSU, but I am not sure how much real interest he has in them.

"Xavier is really struggling with his decision and meeting with Coach Shipp and the rest helped him, but also put more in his head. I hope Xavier can make up his mind on Friday and if not then this weekend."

So, as Xavier still struggles with a decision, it appears that Jackie Shipp took some mighty swings with his last at bat. Did Coach Shipp hit a home run? We will know soon. Stay tuned...

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