Q&A: Mossis Madu

NORMAN, Okla. – Mossis Madu grew up in Norman, so it is easy for him to grasp the importance of the OU-UT match-up. Sooners Illustrated caught up with him after practice for a Q&A.

On the boost Sam Bradford provided against Baylor
"He is a guy that brings in leadership to the field and he is a guy that makes plays. When you see a guy make plays you want to make plays to.

"We always pride ourselves that when people go down other people step up and make plays. (But) it is also going to help our captain - our big guy - Sam is back."

On this year's match-up with Texas
"It is going to be a typical OU-Texas game. We just got to go out there and be more physical than them to the very last play and hopefully we will get this win."

On if it helped the team to get Bradford back a week before the Texas game
"Baylor is a much improved team this year and getting Sam back for that game and it helped out a lot because he has one game under his belt. It is not that common for a guy to come in and produce like he did last week, so it is going to help us out a lot."

On if it is different running the ball from receiver or running back
"For me it is no different. Just get the ball in may hands. Once it gets in my hands it is going to be the same either way."

On how he deals with OU-Texas, since he is from Norman
"To tell you the truth I just approach it like any other game. Growing up I wasn't really a big OU fan. So, I did not just want to be jumping on the bandwagon because I was from Norman and whatnot. I just look at it as another game. I just got to go out there and play."

At the same time Texas is not just another game, right?
"You can't think of it that way. You are going to try to do more than you can do and you are going to outplay your abilities. So you got to go out there and play within yourself."

On the atmosphere surrounding Norman during OU-Texas week
"It is ridiculous. Everyday you wake up it is like a bright sunny day out here. People can't wait for the game."

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