Scouting Kameel Jackson and Others

Last Friday night I was able to make it out to the Arlington Sam Houston game against Arlington High. There were quite a few prospects in the game including 2011 WR commitment Kameel Jackson.

I showed up to the game about 4 minutes into the first quarter. When I got inside and was able to see the field 2011 WR prospect Miles Onyegbule caught a 23-yard touchdown pass across the middle on a post route. The score was already 14-0 Arlington with 8 minutes left in the 1st quarter and quickly became a blowout with Arlington dominating the game winning 63-6.

Even though it was a blowout I was able to get some tidbits on a few 2010 and 2011 prospects.

Kameel Jackson (Sam Houston, 2011 WR Oklahoma Commitment) – First thing I noticed about Jackson is that he is bigger than I expected. He is listed at 6-foot-1 and 185-pounds but I bet he is closer to 200. He has a thick lower body but could still add weight to his upper body. Throughout the night Jackson displayed good hands and caught 5-catches for 80-yards and a 23-yard TD catch on a post route.

Jackson was still hampered by a knee injury and was limping all through the game, which made it even more impressive that he was able to get open and run by defensive backs. Jackson does a good job using his body to shield off defenders when catching the ball in traffic. I couldn't tell if it was his knee that was causing Jackson to come out of his breaks a little slow but my guess is that's what it was. Blocking down field and toughness doesn't seem to be a problem for Jackson due to he was seen burying a corner out of bounds on an outside run right after he had experienced some cramping.

I can't say what type of speed and route running ability Jackson has due to the knee injury he is still dealing with. But I can say I came away impressed by Jackson with his performance dealing with the pain while still being the go-to guy for his offense. There is still plenty of time for Jackson to grow, get better and get healthy. Who knows he may keep growing and become an outside receiver instead of a projected slot receiver at the next level.

Miles Onyegbule (Arlington, 2011 WR Prospect) – Onyegbule (pronounced Onye-bull-ay) is a tall and lanky receiver. He has okay speed but isn't a burner. It is obvious Onyegbule is well respected by his competition due to the coverage they used on him all through the game. For most of the night he was double teamed with a corner directly over top in press coverage and a safety about 5-yards back from the corner. Onyegbule had an easy night that saw him resting on the sidelines late in the 2nd quarter. In only a quarter and a half worth of work Onyegbule had 5-catches for 48-yards and a 23-yard touchdown catch. He definitely has plenty of time to grow and put on weight.

Kenzee Jackson (Sam Houston, 2010 WR Prospect) – Kenzee is the older brother of Kameel Jackson. Kenzee is the other go-to guy in the Sam Houston offense and is used kind of like how Florida used Percy Harvin. He was seen out wide, in the slot and lined up at running back. Kenzee is quick and has good speed. He did most of his damage in the special teams game that night with multiple big kick off returns. He looks to rely more on his speed then on running crisp routes from what I saw. Kenzee is the smaller of the two brothers but looks to be the fastest. Kenzee displayed good hands that night but didn't quite have the night he had been having this year finishing with 5-carries for 28-yards and 2-catches for only 10-yards. He is definitely set up for the slot position at the next level and with his quickness Kenzee will be giving linebackers headaches. Will also be a factor on kick off returns and punt returns wherever he goes.

Matt Joeckel (Arlington, 2010 QB Texas A&M Commitment) – Matt is a big quarterback at 6-foot-4 and 220-pounds. He stands tall in the pocket and doesn't seem to make bad decisions with the ball. Now that may have been because Sam Houston's defense is atrocious but even when everyone was covered Joeckel didn't try and force anything that wasn't there. He displayed a nice arm and is accurate. Joeckel moves around in the pocket well and can scramble from time to time. He definitely is not a sitting duck but also isn't a Colt McCoy when he does decide to tuck and run. Matt did a good job scanning the field and not locking onto one receiver. He needs to work on opening up his hips more and squaring his shoulders when throwing on the run due to the ball tended to sail a little on him when rolling out. Joeckel also tended to hold on to the ball a little long sometimes when he had open receivers. He finished the night going 19-24 for 266-yards and 3-touchdowns with 34-yards rushing on 4-carries. Matt has full command of the offense and sat the entire second half. All in all he looks to be a good get for the Texas A&M Aggies.

Jamal Turner (Sam Houston, 2011 QB/WR Prospect) – Turner is extremely quick and has good speed. He seems to be a better receiver prospect at the next level to me with the speed and moves he possesses in the open field. He was seen freezing defenders in the open field left and right and gets to top speed quickly out of a dead stop. At quarterback he seems to look to run first and then throw. Turner was dealing with Arlington's defense being in the backfield all night and was running for his life throughout the game, which also led to him running more often. He did have a few nice throws and should have had 2-touchdown passes but Kameel got his head around late on a nice throw in the end zone late in the game. Turner could be a good receiver or even a defensive back prospect at the next level. He could play quarterback but may need to grow a little more to get more looks at the position. Turner finished the night with 24-carries for 134-yards and 12 of 19 passing for 97-yards and 2-interceptions.

Alfredo and Tony Morales (Sam Houston, 2011 OL Prospects) – The Morales twins are big road graders that do a good job blocking till the whistle blows. They both look to have the talent to play at the next level. Tony was seen pancaking defenders 15-yards downfield while Alfredo was seen running people out of the play using one arm due to having a cast on the other. I missed the chance watching how they were in pass protection due to being too caught up in watching Kameel, Kenzee and Turner on every pass play. I can say that Turner running for his life that night was not due to the Morales twins. Both of these guys are two to keep an eye on moving forward.

Luke Joeckel (Arlington, 2010 OL Texas A&M Commitment) – Luke did not participate due to an injury.

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