Curing the Dropsies

NORMAN, Okla. -- The Sooners racked up nearly 600 yards of total offense against Baylor, but still struggled catching the ball. Heading in to the match-up with Texas they will have to find a way to come up with an answer for that problem and score red-zone points.

The offense racked up 592 yards, including 389 yards through the air by quarterback Sam Bradford on 27-for-49 passing.

The Sooners managed to accumulate 34 first downs, 19 of which were completed by pass.

All of these stats would lead to one thinking the Sooner offense would have scored more than 33 points, considering they racked up similar yards a year ago and racked up five straight games of more than 60 points.

But for whatever reason, Sooner wide receivers had a hard time hauling in some passes, dropping 10 throughout the course of the game.

Bradford couldn't understand why the receivers dropped so many passes throughout the contest, especially in the first half.

"I don't know [why it happened]," Bradford said. "I really can't answer that."

OU junior wide receiver Brandon Caleb, though, explained some of the problems that were addressed that need to continue to be emphasized and which the Sooners focused on at halftime.

"We just said to refocus, you know," Caleb said. "I mean, we knew what we had to do as far as looking the ball in and trying to catch the ball, so, I mean, we knew what we had to. We just had to keep on creating energy out there and making plays when they give it to us."

One reason it's so confusing is the fact that the coaches say the wide receiver group is fairly consistent in practice.

"They do [catch passes in practice]," Stoops said.

But that doesn't account for the game atmosphere.

"But, again, I think it's just an experience," Stoops said. "I think the more you're out there, the more comfortable you become in those situations and in those competitive situations. And I think eventually you do, you settle down and receive a little bit better and can execute it a little bit better."

Even with the dropped passes, though, Bradford admitted during the Tuesday media press conference he has been pretty pleased with the wide receiver play.

"I mean, I think you've seen it," Bradford said. "Guys are stepping up and making plays every week, and we've talked about these receivers really since last spring and their ability to make plays, and it's just nice to see them finally make the plays that we know that they're capable of."

If the group could continue to make some of the plays they are as well as limiting the amount of mental mistakes and dropped passes, this could become a deadly wide receiver force by the end of the year, one in which 33 points could soon become 50.

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