RECRUITING: Georgia running back makes his Choice

Lovejoy, Georgia running back Tashard Choice talks about his decision to become an Oklahoma Sooner


JH: Have you made your decision?

TC: "Yes sir. I committed to Oklahoma today."

JH: What was it about your visit that sold you on OU?

TC: "When I went to OU the only thing that I wanted a chance to do was met the team. I already knew how good the people were on the coaching staff. What I picked up the most was that the team and the coaches knew how to work and they know how to win. The administration is behind the program, the academics are great and everybody is pulling in the right direction to win and to give me a great education.

"My parents were with me on this trip and they were concerned about my academics and they felt that OU has a great program and would do everything for me to get a great education and assist me after I graduate. My parents were also convinced that the coaches would have a general concern for my well-being and of course, that is important to me as well."

JH: How tough was this decision for you?

TC: "This was a tough decision for me because I just starting thinking about Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. But after really seeing their program up close the decision was easy to make on our way home. We just kept coming up with more reasons to pick OU, so when we got off the plane we called Coach Bob Stoops and Coach (Cale) Gundy and told them that I wanted to be a Sooner."

JH: Did you know about the great history of the Oklahoma running backs?

TC: "I knew a little bit about their history at running back. I learned more about Billy Vessles and Billy Sims and they were awesome. Mr. Owens was a great power back. I met Quentin Griffin at the football office and he said that he watched my film and that he was very impressed with me. We watched some of his film and the first thing that impressed me about him was how he carried himself. He was great at making the first person miss, he was powerful and strong and very hard to tackle. Quentin was very humble and just told me to work hard and give my all and that if I took advantage of my talents and listen to the coaches that I can accomplish anything that I want at OU. I also had a chance to meet Josh Heupel and that was special for me."

JH: Oklahoma worked in two running backs last year in the one-back set and in the I-formation. Can you run both formations?

TC: "I do both and at my high school I hated it so much because I didn't get many carries in high school. However, I never came out of the game and we worked out of the shotgun and the I-formation as well. We ran some of the same playe at my high school that they run at OU. Sure, they change the blocking schemes some, but they were very similar. I caught the ball so much at my high school and I know that OU wants to throw the ball a bunch to its running backs and I really excel in that area."

JH: Quentin was also a great blocker, how are you in this area?

TC: "I watched Quentin blow people up with his blocking. I am not there in the blocking area yet, but I will be. He said that Coach Gundy wants a complete universal back that can run, catch and block and that is what Coach Gundy emphasized on me a lot. He showed me some Quentin's techniques and told me that he can make me better."

JH: Are you taking your visit to Alabama?

TC: "No sir."

JH: Have you told Mississippi State the news yet?

TC: "Not yet, but I will tell them tomorrow."

JH: Do you play other sports?

TC: "I play baseball and I run track. I play centerfield and I hit from anywhere from first to fifth. I workout with the track team, but because I play baseball I don't get to run in the track meets.

Tashard Choice

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