Stoops: More on Texas Loss

DALLAS, Texas -- After his press conference OU head coach Bob Stoops met with just a few members of the press outside before heading back in to meet with his team. Here is an exclusive look at those comments.

Q: Coach, did you think that you were going to be able to score on defense?

A: "Absolutely we did. You are always looking for those and we played very aggressively and we almost had it. We were within one tackle of breaking one and also Keenan has his hands on two that might have been."

Q:Coach, how long will Sam Bradford be out?

A: "Don't know yet."

Q: Coach, explain why there were no punt returns in the second half and did the field positioning hurt?

A: "Yep. Turnovers were a part of that. A couple of the punts they were in decent field position when they did punt. Dom did not have a chance to get but the one (until) late (in the game) and he did not want to pick it up after dropping one. It's not like he (the punter) is hitting them right to you."

Q: Coach, can you explain the decision to go for it on 4th and 1 from the 50 yard line early in the fourth quarter?

A: "Obviously we were not comfortable taking it on a long march from 80. We only had fourth and a yard to go. It worked out good. We actually backed them up good and they punted. In the end it was the absolute thing to do. We weren't going on any long marches. We had one yard."

Q: Coach, did the field positioning have the most to do with that decision?

A: "Absolutely and you are in the fourth quarter. We needed a score."

Q:Coach, what did you think of the play of Landry Jones?

A: "I thought he did a really good job. He made a couple of bad choices and it hurts, but that's part of learning as a quarterback and maturing as a quarterback. He has got a great attitude and threw a bunch of good balls. As a quarterback though one or two mistakes in a game can really hurt you."

Q: Coach, can you talk about the level of defense between these two teams and in the Big 12?

A: "We play good defense in this league. I don't get in to those discussions, but the top defenses always have and always will. It is that way in every conference."

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