The Big Play's That Weren't

DALLAS, Texas -- The Sooners were so very close to knocking off the 3rd ranked Longhorns on Saturday. In the 16-13 loss there were plays that could have swung the momentum in either direction. But a few plays in particular could have been huge.

Oklahoma had one if it's biggest plays on the game's fourth snap when Sam Bradford hit DeMarco Murray over the middle of the field for a 64-yard gain.

It appeared Murray was going to take it the distance, but was tripped up by Aaron Williams at the 9-yard line.

Three plays later the Texas defense held tight and forced OU to take a field goal.

The 64-yard pass and scamper was certainly a huge play in a game of what would be missed opportunities for the Sooners

But interestingly those opportunities would come on the defensive side of the ball.

Holding on to a 6-0 lead in the second quarter Dom Franks coughed the ball up on a punt return and Longhorns would take over on the OU 18-yard line.

Two plays later Colt McCoy would drop back to pass. Feeling pressure from Gerald McCoy he would try to dump the pass off to Greg Smith.

Keenan Clayton was looming in striking distance and jumped the route, and with nothing but 85 yards of green grass in front of him he was unable to get a grasp on the ball. Texas would end up kicking a field goal to cut the OU lead 6-3.

On the ensuing kickoff OU running back Mossis Madu would be the next one to put the ball on the ground and UT took possession of the ball at the OU 42 yard line.

Clayton would almost strike again. McCoy tried again to force a pass in to a receiver on the right side of the field and Clayton jumped the route, again.

With nothing but daylight in front of him Clayton was yet again unable to hold on to the ball and it dropped to the field for a second time.

Texas would take advantage with it's second field goal in as many possesions.

"Keenan has his hands on two that might have been," OU head coach Bob Stoops, who has lost 4-5 to Texas, said after the game. "You are always looking for those and we played very aggressively and we almost had it."

Late in the game the OU was trailing 16-13 and it appeared that UT was about to put the nail in the coffin, but corner Brian Jackson would step in front of a McCoy pass for an interception at the OU 9-yard line.

He found himself racing towards the end-zone…

And many people, including Stoops thought that Jackson was going to take it to the house for a score.

"I did," Stoop stated when asked if he thought "Bjack" was going to score.

But it would be Colt McCoy, who was the lone man left to beat, who brought down the streaking Jackson.

"I was looking to the end-zone," Jackson said as he remembered the play unfolding. "I kind of saw him (McCoy) out of my peripheral (vision)."

"He (McCoy) is an athlete. You see how many times he ran the ball. He is a guy that can run. There are not too many quarterbacks in the nation that can run like him, so you just have to give him his credit."

All in all the Sooner had their shots, but in the end they just fell a little short.

"It's the little things that we feel we may have done better that the outcome may have changed," Dominique Franks admitted.

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