Marquez talks Red River Rivalry

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is still going as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today we talked recruiting with a junior running back Bradley Marquez from Odessa, Texas about his recent experience at one of college football's best football games.

Every year, many fans from both Texas and Oklahoma make their way to Dallas in October for the annual Red River Rivalry game. While this is a major event for the fans of both teams, it is also a great venue for upcoming recruits to see a game on a grand stand.

One of the many who were in attendance was Odessa (TX) running back Bradley Marquez, who made the five-hour trip for the game.

"This was a good experience for me. There were so many people there and it was exciting," Marquez said of the Red River game. "It was also cool because I got to see different recruits at this game then at the Oklahoma/BYU game."

While the 6-foot, 180-pound Marquez was taking in all of the sites of the game, plenty of things were going on simultaneously from the crowd, to the game and to the different schemes and play calling.

And though he did not focus too much on the details, he did get the chance to observe his position from both standpoints.

"DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma) is a great back and was doing well early in the game. Not sure what happened or if he got hurt, but he did not get the ball much after the first half," Marquez said. "They (Oklahoma coaches) were getting him the ball in space and eh did well. Texas' Foswhitt Whittaker is a great runner too, along with No. 31 (Cody Johnson). Both of those guys did well."

There were other things that he picked on as well.

"It was a good game, but there were mistakes made on both sides," Marquez said. "I think when Oklahoma fumbled that punt, it turned things around. Before that, Texas did not have much going on offense. But one things for sure, both teams came out to play and that showed."

At the moment, Marquez has the three offers from Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Texas Tech. And while he is still open to the process in giving everyone an equal shot in recruiting him, this past weekend opened his eyes to some things.

"Oh yes. I could see myself playing in that environment. I would like to play in that game," Marquez said. "I am not sure what side I would be on, but I want to be there."

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