Stills Clears the Air

At Sooners Illustrated, we look to bring you the most up-to-date information on Sooner targets as they tell it. And yes, we listen to what they say and present the information to you as it was told to us. That includes 5-star athlete Kenny Stills, who gave us a call today.

No matter what has been said through any of the articles published online, La Costa Canyon (CA) wide receiver Kenny Stills wanted to insure that his message is articulated and that the college coaches who are recruiting him know the bottom line.

"I sent emails and called coach (Bob) Stoops, coach (Jay) Norvell and coach (Urban) Meyer and told them what the deal was. I still have a lot of interest in your program," Stills said. "I know that an article came out recently and a lot was said in it."

"I told them that many of my words got mixed up. But it's cool because that happens a lot."

On October 19, at 8:05 p.m. CST, the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Stills stated that schools Florida, Oklahoma and USC were his Top 3 choices when it comes to where he may end up come signing day. And at that time, it seems like there was no team that has an edge over the other.

And he did provide reasons why each would be a suitable choice for him.

"USC is a great place for me. You know you could come in a be a guy who gets some touches and be in a good position to make it to the NFL and be a part of a championship team," Stills said. "Of course (NFL) that is a goal for me. With Oklahoma, I like this offense and I think I fit in well there. I feel I could come and probably make an impact and be a part of a program that gets to championships as well.

With Florida, I have been in touch with the coaching staff that is also a good place for me and can be a part of a championship tradition as well."

Seems like championship ambitions are the common denominator. 

Stills has been quite vocal during the process about how he feels about the in-state USC program and how being a Trojan is something that does interest him. 

But, according to Stills, a turn of events has the top-ranked Trojans, who may have even been considered the favorite at one point early on in the process before filling up with other receiver commits, are not as high on his list as they once were. 

"Sure, early in the process, that was my No. 1 school," Stills said. "But now I would have to say that they have a lot of ground to make up with me."

Stills held an offer from USC at one point before the Trojans filled all of the spots for his position. Now a wavering Kyle Prater may have opened the door for USC to try to come back after Stills as a ‘Plan B' recruit. 

"You know, just because they were my first No. 1 doesn't mean just because the interest is picking up again, doesn't mean it will be an automatic commitment when you show back up with an offer." 

By next month, the recruitment picture for Stills will be much more clear. By then, he will have traveled to Penn State, Oklahoma and Florida. 

Updates and internet chatter will continue to flow on Stills, but he does not worry about what is said about him as long as he keeps a constant communication with the coaches from the schools mentioned.

In fact, he spoke on a coach he spoke with not long before he called Sooners Illustrated.

"I just got through talking to coach Norvell. He and I talk about 2-3 times a week," Stills said. "Because I have narrowed things down so much, when he and I talk, there are a lot of questions. I understand that Oklahoma is looking at a few receivers including Kyle Prater, Darius White and me. So I just try and see where I stand with them and want to know if I am still wanted.

"He (Norvell) lets me know that I am still a player that they want to have in the program."

Stills will get he chance to see the Sooners take on Texas A&M on his official visit to Norman.

Also, Stills is on the verge of making history as he leads the La Costa Canyon team. Though he splits positions between quarterback and wide receiver, his accolades at receiver could soon make the books.

"I am pretty close to breaking the San Diego section career wide receivers yards record," Stills said. "Right now I am about 300-400 short of the record."

In his last game, Stills had 300 all-purpose yards lining up at quarterback, wide receiver and playing an integral role in the return game as well.

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