Jackson's Challenge

NORMAN, Okla. -- A year ago OU was able to fend off a hungry KU team, but Jayhawk WR Dezmon Briscoe had the game of his career. This year Sooner corner Brian Jackson is making it a personal goal to shut him down.

269 yards and two touchdowns…

One year later those numbers seem to be still fresh in the mind of Oklahoma corner Brian Jackson.


Because they were the numbers that Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe put up on the OU defense one year ago in Norman.

The Sooners won the game that day 45-31, but Jackson is hoping that he plays a better game against Briscoe this time around.

"Briscoe, last year, I got to give him his credit, but it just gives me a reason to have a chip on my shoulder," Jackson stated on Tuesday.

"He came out there and did his thing and played a terrific game. But this is a new year, a new season."

Jackson did not want to elaborate much when asked to elaborate on the match-up with the KU receiving corp.

"I really don't want to talk about it," Jackson responded. "This weekend will come up and that will be our challenge."

"I am not going to say anything to get anybody pumped up. When they come out on Saturday they are going to get our best shot, just like we are going to get theirs"

Jackson may not want to talk much or provide any extra bulletin board material, but you can tell that he is definitely putting some extra focus on shutting down the talented KU receiver this time around.

"I feel like I just did not play to my ability last year. So I mean that will be something for me to focus on this week. (I am) going to do some extra studying and do some extra little things so I am ready when I come out there."

Last week Jackson managed to hold the talented Jordan Shipley to 22 receiving yards. But he will not get any respite as he will be back after it again this weekend when he lines up across from Briscoe.

He is looking forward to the challenge.

"Oh yeah, most definitely," Jackson responded with a gleam in his eye when thinking about lining up against Briscoe.

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