RECRUITING: Dampeer delaying decision?

DeCatur, Illinois defensive tackle Lawrence Dampeer talks about the tough decision ahead of him

It looks like everyone will have to sweat the decision of DeCatur, Illinois defensive tackle Lawrence Dampeer for another week.

"I really don't know what I am going to do," Dampeer told late Sunday night. "I couldn't even tell my parents today and we all sat down to try to come up with a decision.

"I don't think I am going to sign with anybody until Friday, because I am going to take my ACT Tuesday and Wednesday. I know I indicated that I was going to take it a couple of weeks ago, but we didn't get around to it. I am going to take that this week and then really bare down and come up with a decision on Friday."

So what teams are still involved?
"It is down to Oklahoma and Illinois and that is a tough decision for me. Please be patient with me because that is what I am asking my family to be as well. I am sorry that I can't give you more information than that, but if I could I would."

Dampeer also decided to not take his last scheduled visit to Miami this weekend.

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