RECRUITING: Keith talks about decision

Oklahoma's newest commitment - McAlester OL Brandon Keith - talks about his decision


JH: Did you commit to Oklahoma today?

BK: "Yes, I did."

JH: You grew up an Oklahoma fan didn't you?

BK: "Yes, because I like everything about OU. It's not just how they played, but I feel OU has the best educational program and I have always heard that. The coaches were very nice and cool with me."

JH: Where did OU talk about playing you?

BK: "They talked to me about playing offensive tackle."

JH: "What do you think about the Oklahoma offensive line?

BK: "They told me that they need some help in the offensive line and that I could come in and help right away, especially if I can right in and start playing behind Jamal Brown, then I should certainly learn something."

JH: Since the summer you have said that you need to catch up with your academics and things, so where do you stand now?

BK: "I am very close. All I have to do is keep and B average, but I still have to pass the test. In my opinion everything is looking good."

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