Wilson Leads… In a Different Way

Recruiting coverage at Sooners Illustrated continues as we bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. State of Oklahoma athlete and Sooner commitment Julian Wilson from Southmoore High School talks with Scout.com for this update.

Even though his junior season did not produce the eye-pooping stats that one would expect, Southmoore (OK) athlete Julian Wilson still had that play-making ability within him. And this past summer, Wilson worked on all of the things that would make him a better player as he went into his senior season.

During the summer, the 6-foot-2, 184-pound Wilson made his recruiting rounds and made some camps to improve on his skills. Within a matter of months, Wilson went from somewhat of a sleeper prospect to one who was sought after with double-digit scholarship offers. 

But when the in-state Oklahoma program came through with an offer for Wilson to play on the defensive side of the ball, it did not take him a lot time to decide that is where he wants to be. 

Now, with that decision behind him and his senior year still in progress, it's safe to say that Wilson has become somewhat a target for opposing teams.

"I don't even know what my offensive stats are for the year. I get double-teamed almost every play," Wilson said. "On defense, I do not get a lot action coming my way. In eight games, I have only had 13 passes thrown my direction."

He has managed to record 25 tackles and three pass break-ups. And while Wilson would love to get more touches in the game, he has learned much more about himself and what his role in on the Southmoore team.

"I mean sure I would like to get more touches, but when I am double teamed that means on e of my teammates are open. This gives them more opportunities to make plays," Wilson said. "There are so many other solid players on the team. This season I am more of a role player and that is OK with me. 

"I feel like I am being a leader still, but in a different role. It works out for all of us because as long as we are winning, I have no problem doing what I am doing."

Southmoore is 7-1 right now and Wilson said that the team is in prime position for the playoffs. Chemistry is one of the things that Wilson said makes this team a special one.

So for Wilson, it seems like he will make the move from one special team to another as he looks forward to wearing a Sooner uniform in 2010. 

"I stay in close contact with coach (Cale) Gundy and (Bobby Jack) Wright. They are ready for me to get down there to contribute," Wilson said. 

In many of the earlier interviews, Wilson expressed idea of red shirting. And not that it could not still be the case, but he is open to playing in his first year if the coaches feel he is ready and he feels comfortable also.

"When I was talking about red shirting before, that was all me. It was not the coaches saying that I would, I did not think that I would be ready," Wilson said. "I have confidence needed for the high school level and I have been progressing and maturing quicker than I thought. I think that I could make that change (to college athletics) when the time comes."

Wilson has been keeping up with his squad as well.

"The season is not going as well as planned, but Oklahoma has been in every game that was lost," Wilson said. "It's not like it's been blowouts or anything, these games go down to the wire. The talent is still there and the tradition is still there and we are a good team. 

"It has just been a few close games that didn't go our way."

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