Herschel Sims Steals the Show

Last Friday night SI was able to see Abilene High take on Haltom in what turned out to be a blowout before the first quarter ended. The player doing the most damage that night was 2011 RB Herschel Sims who scored three touchdowns in the first half.

Abilene jumped out on Haltom hard and fast. The game was over at halftime and Herschel Sims sat out the whole second half.

To open the game Abilene drove down the field giving the ball to Sims on every play until he found the end zone.

It didn't take long.

With Abilene deep in Haltom territory on the 30-yard line Sims caught a screen pass and turned up field. A safety closed on Sims quickly and whiffed when Sims gave him a Demarco Murray shoulder shake that we have been watching the past couple of year's on Saturday.

After the whiff another defender had a clear shot and hit Sims right in the chest but bounced off like he was made of rubber. This allowed the pursuit to get back into the play but Sims was able to avoid the pursuit and he actually made it into the end zone.

Later in the second quarter Sims took a hand-off and headed outside towards the sideline. When he turned up field a safety was diving to make the tackle. Sims hurdled the defender and raced into the end zone. Because of the explosion and burst on it was the most impressive play of the game. Too bad Sims stepped out of bounds when he landed other wise it would have been a great touchdown run.

Going into halftime the score was 49-0 Abilene and Sims had done his job finishing the night with 96-yards on 12 carries and two touchdowns to go along with four catches for 74 yards and another score.

Sims has low gravity and does a good job keeping his feet moving when taking on contact which in turn makes him hard to tackle by one defender. Sims displayed good speed in the open field and had some nice open field moves as well. He disappears when running through the tackles. Another part of his game that Sims excels at is his catching ability out of the backfield. Sims is thick and looks to be listed correctly at 5-foot-9 and 190-pounds. I could see Sims adding another 10-pounds at the next level and getting faster as well.

In a way Sims reminds me of Brennan Clay with the talent he possesses. Now granted I haven't seen Clay in person to make the comparison but the film I have seen reminds me of what I saw out of Sims. He is a tough runner who can beat you running or catching the ball just like Clay.

Whoever ends up getting Sims next year will be getting a good back that could produce from day one.

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