Q&A: Landry Jones

NORMAN, Okla. -- Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones discusses the match-up with Kansas State as well as replacing Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Sam Bradford.

On the impact of Sam's decision on him
I mean there's a little relief. So, it cleared up a little bit of the uncertainty whether Sam's coming back or he's gone and stuff like that, so there's a little bit of relief.

On if it makes it easier to be ‘his' team
Yeah, I mean like I said earlier, [it] just relieves some of the uncertainties and helps me kind of just focus in on the other stuff [rather than] whether Sam's coming back or he's going.

On if getting all the snaps with the starters during a game week will show up on Saturday
Oh, definitely when you get to get all the reps in practice, you know exactly what's going on. You know all the looks, so it definitely helps getting all the reps in practice and just actually getting to see it and actually getting to throw it and do all the throws and stuff like that.

On how tough it is to replace a Heisman Trophy winner
Obviously, it's extremely hard. Sam's a great player. He's one of the best quarterback's to ever come through this school, a Heisman Trophy winner, so I have some big shoes to fill.

On how his high school offense worked
Yeah, we ran the spread offense with four wide receivers going down the field.

On if filling Sam's shoes makes him nervous
Not for like practice or anything like that. But for games, I mean, you're always going to get nervous just before the game jitters like your stomach, your stomach feels kind of funny, but that's kind of normal.

On if the attention on Sam contributes to the big shoes to fill
Not really.

On the ‘stache'
Yeah, I shaved the ‘stache' Sunday, so I don't know. I guess it's just going to be an off-and-on thing where it depends on how lazy I am shaving it or something like that. I'll probably be stuck with it for a long time here, so I'll bring it back a couple times.

On his girlfriend, women's basketball guard Whitney Hand's, reaction to the ‘stache'
She kind of lets me do whatever I want with that kind of thing. It doesn't really bother her.

On who is more popular, him or Hand
She is. She is definitely.

On building on last weekend's second half
Right, yeah, in the second half, we played really good football. That's what we've got to come out every game [and do]. We've just got to get things rolling and have no mental miscues and stuff like that.

On what the difference was offensively in the second half against KU
It just comes down to execution. It takes everyone to play. You can't have one guy not doing his job, so that's what it really comes down to.

On if he likes getting out of the pocket and running
Yeah, it was pretty fun running the quarterback game. After watching the tape, I could have scored, but you always second guess yourself after the game. Hopefully next time I'll get it in the end zone.

On his thoughts about Kansas State
They're going to be a good challenge for us. They're going to come in, kind of run the ball and stuff like that. I mean, so we've just got to kind of make the best of our opportunities. They're going to play sound defense.

On if Sam and him have conversations related to Sam's redshirt year
Yeah, a little bit like when we're in the hotel room, he's my roommate, so we'll talk a little bit about that kind of stuff, and he'll give me just some tips to kind of get us going on Saturday.

On what type of leadership advice Sam's gives him
It just comes from within the locker room. You just kind of have to step up and do it your own way and figure out what your way is.

On how he's progressed in his four starts
Honestly, I think just getting out there and playing, getting game experience, there's, you can practice all you want, but once you step out there on the field, it's just a totally different ball game just getting that extra game experience and getting games under your belt.

On if he's adjusting to the game speed
Yes, it's getting slower and slower, so hopefully one day, it'll just stop, and I'll get to do whatever I want out there.

On if seeing the relationships Sam's built have an impact on what relationships he wants with teammates
Oh yeah. I mean obviously you want to go out there and perform to the best of your ability on the field. I mean, off the field, it's kind of based on my Christian faith. I want to affect people before God and stuff like that and try to change this campus and turn it in honor for Him.

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