Burnett Talks Norman, Sooner Ball

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is still going as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today we talked recruiting with Culver City linebacker Victor Burnett from California about his official visit to Norman.

It seems as though Culver City (CA) linebacker Victor Burnett has experienced a few things that he was not used being from the West Coast. But according to him it was all good. This past weekend Burnett was in Norman for an official visit with Oklahoma.

"I loved it. From the time I got there to when I left, it was awesome," Burnett said. "It's a much different pace than I am used to, but that was good too. It seems like that would cause a lot less distractions."

The 6-foot-1, 218-pound Burnett was speaking of Norman in comparisons to the life he is used to in California. This visit was his second of the 2009 season with Washington being the other. 

He explained a few differences from the standpoint of the town and game-day atmosphere.

"I mean Seattle is a city, this (Norman) is a college football town," Burnett said. "A home game during Halloween? It was crazy. There were 85,000 people screaming, traffic was crazy. It reminded me of rush hour in California."

But aside from all that, it was the level of comfort that Burnett was most excited about. From the time he touched down to departure, he felt as though he was already a Sooner.

"When I first stepped on campus, I felt so welcomed. I just felt a family presence the entire time I was there, even on campus," Burnett said. "It was a big deal and the players and coaches were so happy for us to be there."

The "us" he is referring to was Oklahoma commits Eddrick Loften (Irving Nimitz) and Joe Powell (Dallas Skyline), along with Tony Jefferson (UCLA commit, Oklahoma prospect).

Since Oklahoma is recruiting the Culver City defender as a middle linebacker, Burnett got some one-on-one time with assistant coach Brent Venables. He talked about their chalk talk session.

"Coach Venables and I watched my entire tape and he praised and critique it," Burnett said. "He was being straight up with me: He basically said that there is an opportunity for me to come in and play. He said my destiny is in my hands."

With that said, Burnett took that statement along with watching the game. In he Sooners' 42-30 win over Kansas State, Burnett noticed quite a few things.

"The game was exciting, but I noticed that Oklahoma has a few freshman playing," Burnett said. "This shows me that no matter what class you are in, if you play well enough, you'll see the field. It showed me that if it came down to it, I could play.

"I liked seeing that."

Along with time with Venables, Burnett had time with the man in charge as well.

"Man, I talked with coach (Bob) Stoops and he is a real relaxed man," Burnett said. "He was calm and honest when we sat down and talked. He was telling about my future at Oklahoma. He talked about the tradition of good linebackers who had been there before and how I could follow in those steps."

Burnett is set to go to Arizona next week and then, though the date has not been solidified, will make his way to Nebraska as well.

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