Red-Shirt Report: Josh Aladenoye

Sooners Illustrated caught up with OU Offensive Line Coach James Patton to get an exclusive report on the progress of Josh Aladenoye, who is starting to turn in to a real monster under the tutelage of OU Director of Sports Enhancement Jerry Schmidt.

I could not help but notice "Big" Josh Aladenoye while watching the offensive lineman go through their pre-game warm-up just prior to the Kansas State game.

Aladenoye is a player that I scouted extensively as he was coming out of high school. And while he had the size and strength of a college lineman he was not quite ready from a physical and conditioning standpoint to compete as a true freshman.

But when you look at the 6-foot-5, 340-pound monster now he looks like a completely different player than he did at Media Day at the beginning of the season.

Because under the observance of the OU Strength and Conditioning program he is turning in to some kind of specimen.

"He is working hard and has been doing a good job in practice. He is a big kid with quick feet," OU Offensive Line Coach James Patton informed when asked about Aladenoye's progress. "He needs to make sure that he keeps his weight down and in control. He has been doing a great job with Coach Schmidt. They have gave some pretty positive reports."

"In practice he works with the scout team and those guys every day and it is making him better there. As long as his attitude is right and continues to work hard he will have the opportunity to play."

Patton seesm to be most impressed with his Aladenoye has worked so far to get in to better shape. And if he continues on this same course he will be vying for playing time sooner than later.

"We can work with that," Patton said of his consistency in the weight room. "The main thing is his attitude and everything. He needs to continue to have a great attitude and work at it, because that is what he is going to need to do this winter and off-season to play next year."

"And he is looking forward to it."

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