Landry Talks Nebraska

NORMAN, Okla. -- The weekly Q&A session with OU starting quarterback Landry Jones, who discusses his progression and the match-up with Nebraska.

On being the Big 12 player of the week for the second time in five starts
I didn't really know about it until my dad texted me later on and said, ‘Hey, [you're the Big 12 player of the week], but I'm honored to be it, humbled, and it's one of the greater honors, so I'm really excited about it. It's pretty cool.

On if the team ever talks about weekly awards
No, I don't think that. None of the coaches even told me. It was my dad that told me earlier today that I got it. I didn't even know about it.

On the offensive line being the same for the past two weeks
Yeah, I mean just getting those guys and just getting those all put together as a unit and them getting all familiar with each other is one of the biggest things we've got going for us right now.

On if the O-line is ready for the challenge against star Ndamukong Suh
I hope they are. We've watched a little bit on him, and he's obviously – I've heard a lot about him – a great player, and their whole defense is going to play good as a unit, so we just have to be ready for them.

On his own progression
I mean, obviously, the turnovers [are better]. With Kansas, we had what, two or three? Two, I think, and [the last] game, we didn't have any, so that was huge for us. Obviously, [we are] playing with tempo a little bit more, so the offense is starting to get on a roll, so we've just got to keep it up.

On if he's getting more comfortable
Right, yeah. Last week versus Kansas State, I felt like we started really [executing better]. Like when we needed points, we got points, and it really helped our defense out. So, I was really proud to see us doing that, kind of starting to play with more tempo and starting to get going.

On if he has a different feel of confidence in the huddle
Yeah, I think it does [show] just by the way, I mean, I've played a couple games now, and [I'm] starting to get into the real flow of it and just kind of knowing all the stuff that's going on out there. So, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable and just seeing stuff a lot better.

On if he critiques himself after watching film even with good statistics
Yeah, I mean always when you watch it, you're going to see stuff that you just kind of see that you missed a couple things here and there, so obviously you're going to see some stuff.

On how much it helps to be able to get plays off in the no-huddle efficiently
Oh, yeah. We just kind of like catch the defense a little bit off guard when they're not set or they're not ready, and we hustle up to the ball and get a snap count like we'll speed it up, and then some plays, we'll slow it back down, so I think it really helps out. It usually kind of changes the tempo throughout the game.

On if the up-tempo offense is more second-nature now
I think it is. Right now, like I said, the last couple weeks the offense is really meshing, and we're starting to get things going. Everything seems to be going on the same page.

On if connecting on a couple deep passes with Adron Tennell is something to build on as far as route timing
Yeah, I think we just need to work on our timing a little bit. Last game, Adron was one of the faster guys on our team, and I just need to put the ball out there and let him run to it.

On if he's looking forward to the challenge of facing Nebraska's D-line
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. Nebraska's going to be a great challenge for us, actually going away on the road in Nebraska's stadium. [We've] still got like a rivalry, so I'm really excited to go out there and see what their defense has for us.

On how he's changed as a quarterback throughout the season since becoming a starter
Just kind of taking more control of it now and knowing that it's my time. It's my time to take this team and make it my own, and obviously, like I said, [unlike] the week before this week, I'm not turning the ball over. That's huge, and that falls on me, too, like when we're throwing and [have] protections with the running backs and stuff like that, just taking care of it.

On if time with Coach Heupel has changed since he's become the starter
It's just the exact same. We all come in together and [work] with him as a unit.

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