Injury Report: Brody Eldridge

Brody Eldridge was forced out of the Nebraska game due to a shoulder injury. This afternoon OU Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson gave a brief update on his status.

On the Sooners' first offensive play OU's Mr. Do it all Brody Eldridge opened up a huge hole for a Chris Brown run.

A couple of possessions later he would go down with a shoulder injury while trying to track down an NU defender who had just intercepted a Landry Jones pass.

"He hurt himself when he tried to make a tackle on the one interception there in the first half," reported OU Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

"He tried to make the tackle over there and just kind of missed it and landed on his shoulder."

His status is still relatively unknown but he did try to return to the game.

"He had an issue with the shoulder there, and I haven't seen Scott (Anderson, OU Head Trainer) yet, so I don't know how severe."

"He did try to play with it and played a little bit. But he did not have the strength or stamina to continue playing."

"We will get an update here and see his status for this week and see what it is."

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