Stoops Addresses Issues

NORMAN, Okla. -- Bob Stoops had some interesting commentary after Monday night's practice. But the big news may have been the announcement that Brody Eldridge and Auston English are out for the year.

*Auston English will have a tendon repaired in his foot tomorrow morning, so that will put him out for the rest of the season,

*Brody Eldridge will also miss the rest of the season. Stoops will update more on Brody once he finds out more from the doctors, but they will not be able to return.

*He is hopeful that guys will step up and fill the void and make the plays they need to make. "That is what needs to happen."

*R.J. Washington and David King will be looked to rotate in at defensive end. They will see who does the best.

*They have all of the same other guys at LG. Tavaris Jeffries is back after dealing with a family tragedy. They have all of the other guys still in the rotation.

*Tyler Evans "needs to play better" but he will play more and Brian Simmons is still likely a couple of weeks away.

*The kickers have looked good in practice but they need to do it in the games. It is still an open competition at kicker between Tress Way and Jimmy Stevens. Bryce Easely, who is grey-shirting, is not an option at this point. You got to be able to kick "when the lights are on".

*Landry Jones had a bad day against Nebraska and that is part of the process of developing as a young quarterback, but some of the mistakes were not all on him. "The first interception our receiver doesn't finish the route. He needs to fight for an incompletion there or an interference call and not bail on it." But Landry does need to learn from some of his mistakes where he made poor decisions. He played well at times, but the bad plays "really hurt".

*Stoops emphatically stated that the mistakes penalties that the offensive linemen are making have nothing to do with the no-huddle system and that they are being made because of a lack of discipline.

*Stoops on whether or not he should simplify things to help the OL not have to think so much pre-snap: "You mean to not know when to move? Or to not shove a guy out of bounds? It has nothing to do with thinking. It's just lack of discipline. A guy in his fourth year has been a starter doesn't know when to start or has to shove a guy out of bounds because he is thinking to hard, no, you're dreaming up something. If the guy is a freshman you might have a point, but he's not."

*The Sooners are 10 games in to the season and there are no excuses for guys, who are now considered experienced because of their time in those games, making the types of mistakes they are continuing to make.

*Stoops thought other then the penalties the OL did not play too bad. Landry was only sacked twice and threw for 250 yards and the RB's almost ran for 100 yards. It was the penalties that put them behind the chains that killed them. It is much easier to pick up third-and-five rather then third-and-10. The team needs to have more poise.

*The team has been changing or modifying all year "with our situation" and that happens every year. And the team is not going to change everything, but they will adkust as they go.

*Stoops believes Landry will bounce back and that is part of maturing at the QB position.

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