Bad News Keeps Coming...

NORMAN, Okla. -- At this point it should come as no surprise the Sooners have yet another season-ending injury on the offense.

After everyone was informed yesterday that senior left guard Brody Eldridge will be sidelined for the rest of the season, another casualty was announced today.

The latest victim: sophomore Jarvis Jones.

"I might as well get it out there too [that] Jarvis Jones is out for the season as well," Stoops said in today's weekly media press conference. "He has a fractured heel, so he won't be available either."

He exits the right tackle position, which leaves the Sooners in a perilous state now, if it wasn't already in one.

So, now how does the line shake up?

"It's Ben Habern, Stephen Good, Tavaris Jeffries is back from a family tragedy last week," Stoops said. "You know all the guys, Cory Brandon, Trent Williams, Brian Lepak, Tyler Evans. We don't have many, but we'll hopefully have five. I'm sure Coach Wilson will train Eric Mensik maybe a little bit at tackle to try and help as well."

It has been a shakeup all year, and now it only gets shakier.

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